by Lynn
( Geo. Ctr. of North America)

I'm 41, never had a "regular" period.
Diagnosed in late 90's w/PCOS.
Asked about hormone imbalance all these years.
Answer was always no, even with facial hair growth.
This summer we tried a "natural" fertility treatment called UConcieve.
My cycle was 67 days, (going by temps, I think I "ovulated" twice) ending in VERY light bleeding.
NA-C sent me to Ob/gyn.
She set me up (we did) ultrasound & endometrial biopsy.
Diagnosis, Endometrial Hyperplasia.
With prescription of MedroxyProgesterone,10 mg daily for 30 days.
Wait for cycle & repeat for 6 months.
I'm for sure not planning to get pregnant this first month. ...
but, would it be possible during other months?
I also have several other diagnosis' that I don't think have anything to do with my fertility. .. here they are...

low dose of high blood pressure meds.
Sleep Apnea (can't use the mask, won't stay in place)
restless leg syndrome.
Lung issue (not sure of diagnosis, go for respiratory test tomorrow. Am on inhalers.)

Since been on inhalers have been walking....
not even up to a mile a day yet, but don't want to gain weight (side effect of progesterone)

As you can see, I titled this correctly.

Comments for help.

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Sep 28, 2014
The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones by Michael E. Platt M.D.
by: Suzanna

Hi Lynn,
I'm sorry for all that you've gone through.

You need to read The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones by Dr. Michael E. Platt. It's one of the best books available that throughly explains our hormones and what to do to balance them. You also need to replace your medroxyprogesterone with compounded bio-identical progesterone cream. Medroxyprogesterone is one of many synthetics "progesterones" that doctors prescribe. It will cause serious side effects that can lead to cancer. Also, if your doctor isn't willing to work with bio-identical hormones, there's a great website available that offers a list of doctors through the country who specialize in bio-identical hormones - This website is how I found my amazing doctor in Dallas.

Good luck with your journey and do not give up.

Oct 07, 2014
Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones by Michael E. Platt M.D. by: Suzanna
by: Lynn

Susanna, I went to that site, but it wouldn't let me do anything without creating an account.
Since I live in ND, near the Can. Border I doubt any doctors in the area are even on that site.....
I have noticed my bbt's are higher most days now that I'm taking medroxyp rogesterone (10mg) & vitamin d3 (5000 iu's) than they were without. ...
Since my diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia may lead to cancer, I want to continue treatment under a dr's care...
This is what I know right now, so until I know more, this is what I will do...
thank you for your advice....
I will continue to look for natural progesterone & dr (hopefully) in the area who is knowledgeable in them.

Oct 25, 2014
by: Lynn

The breathing test proved I do have asthma.
I took the medroxyprogesterone as prescribed for 15 days. Had a weeklong period. Been taking again for 8 days.... My first temp of the morning has never been regular. ... the last FOUR days my temp has been the EXACT same. .... & my facial hair has seemed to lessen. ... I haven't needed as many wax strips each week...
I know you want me to be on natural progesterone, & when this 6 months of treatment is over, I would be interested. .... I wish I could find oral doses though... I remember to take my meds, not so much to use lotions. ...

Oct 26, 2014
Hi Lynn
by: Chloe


I just wanted to say you're not alone, other than the use of inhalers, we have everything else in common. Suzanne is correct, Dr. Platt's book is a real eye opener. What is unique about him is he addresses all the women's issues and progesterone, but, then goes into other conditions like a.d.h.d. and more. I second reading it, I purchased it on Amazon for Kindle.

I went through so much to have my children, surprisingly Metformin did the trick both times, quickly too, and I am not a light case of pcos. I no longer take it, and I do wish I knew of progesterone sooner.

If you look on a site dedicated to holistics, naturopathy, or bi-identical hormone physicians, a locator is bound to come up.

Since you're sure it is pcos, you can follow the pcos directions on this site and order the cream, either until you find a doc. or perhaps you may be content doing it on your own.

There are complete directions on how to use progesterone and a list of effective supplements as well. Keep in mind natural medicine can take many weeks or a few months to see a benefit, you're treating the cause not a symptom that's why. Also, worse before better may occur to. However it's a sign of the body trying to balance.

Lastly, and I will be brutally honest but I say it with kindness. PCOS will not get better "if" there is weight that needs to be lost. Diet is key, or you may not get the results you desire by the supplements recommended, including progesterone. Our health is up to us, just as a diabetic's health is. They have their medicine, but if they don't watch their diet, it will catch up to them. Until they realize their health is up to them, not a pill. Stinks at times, but I came to a point where I couldn't blame anyone, and I had to look at myself. If you are a thin pcos gal, be sure your eating a pcos friendly diet as well. I still have some issues, but things really turned around for me when I became responsible and accepted I had to take charge, diet made all the difference and worked beautifully with progesterone. I chose the ketogenic diet, there are many. I can pen my eyes first thing in the morning and feel immediately if I ate garbage, it feels like a food hangover. It effects my mood, sense of well being and energy. Best of luck to you, you will get better. Keep arming yourself with facts, then put them into action.

Nov 17, 2014
by: Lynn

In the morning I will have taken my medroxyprogesterone daily for 30 days.
Then to wait for cycle.
Even though it's not natural progesterone, it is doing its job. I've been tracking my bbt's on "fertility friend" going by my temps it pinpointed a possible ovulation day this month!
I also have a facial zit (didn't even have many of these in school).

Im glad I feel like I'm moving in the right direction, not stuck in a pit...
Can't wait to see what next month's chart looks like!

Dec 12, 2014
latest update
by: Lynn

Contacted Obgyn after Thanksgiving. ...
It had been 2 weeks & no cycle. ...

Now taking medroxyprogesterone daily...
No cycle breaks...
Can't wait til Dr appt Apr 3rd.
Then to wait a month & take saliva hormone test.
I did find a compounding pharmacy who does the tests in ND & lists the local Dr's they work with.

Only downside is their "local" is 4.5-5.5 hours (@ 70+ mph) away from me....

Dec 12, 2014
latest update
by: Lynn

Contacted Obgyn after Thanksgiving. ...
It had been 2 weeks & no cycle. ...

Now taking medroxyprogesterone daily...
No cycle breaks...
Can't wait til Dr appt Apr 3rd.
Then to wait a month & take saliva hormone test.
I did find a compounding pharmacy who does the tests in ND & lists the local Dr's they work with.

Only downside is their "local" is 4.5-5.5 hours (@ 70+ mph) away from me....

Jan 10, 2015
by: Lynn

Talked to local (to my state) compounding pharmacy about these issues & interest in saliva testing for progesterone.
Was told due to the dose I'm on (which I guess is stronger than their natural progesterone) that they might not be able to help me.
They thought I was menopausal, which I said was funny, because blood tests show I'm not even PRE-menopausal...
Which DID surprise them....
So, they advised Total & Free Testosterone tests via my Ob/gyn Apr 3.

& to call them afterwards...
I will need this be off my current dose of me medroxyprotesterone for 6 weeks prior to their saliva test...

Jun 03, 2015
frustration & pain
by: Lynn

Latest update.
Had D&C (so could stop provera, 4/4 & get saliva tested 7/4) 4/15...
Been in pain since....
Ob gyn did her post op exam & sent me for ultrasound (on uterus, not where I showed her the pain WAS).
"Pain not caused by her procedure."
So, sent me back to my regular Dr.
Who sent me for lab & CT scan on 5/14.
One of the blood tests showed I had inflammation (the "high" normal is 0.9, my value was 1.3.
CT scan showed "minor" inflammation in gallbladder.
So, we then had me have an ultrasound (of the area I showed them I had had an immediately & immense pain Mother's day).
He wanted to show surgeon, because he couldn't tell if there were stones or a blockage at the TOP of my gallbladder.
Had appointment with surgeon yesterday.
The BOTTOM of my gallbladder has a fold in it.
But that SHOULDN'T be causing the pain I've been in SINCE 4/15.
So, MORE blood work today, & a call to that pharmacy to see if they can test my hormones early, because I read an article yesterday that says LOW progesterone can cause the tube that would allow the gallbladder to send bile into the digestive tract, to constrict.
Any other ideas advice?

Aug 05, 2015
Nasty gallbladder
by: Lynn

Well, it only took 3 months, LOTS of OTC & prescription pain aids, LOTS of blood work, several imaging tests (CT, ultrasound, & HIDA scans), a trip to ER (where I was accused of wanting MORE drugs!), & finally admittance into the hospital....(I was unable to keep ANYTHING down, even anti nausea meds ER Dr had given me.)

Took Surgeon 3+ hrs to remove it laproscopicaly...
Was one of the top ten worst gallbladders he had removed in his 24yrs experience (even though my blood work always {even that day} came back "normal.")

What he saw: gallbladder 2x in length, folded in half, with stones & scar tissue in bottom half.
(Scars took YEARS to accumulate, not months that I actually felt the pain.)

Pathology report: no cancer.
Interior lined w/coating of cholesterol, & (something my surgeon hasn't seen before) at least 1 cholesterol polyp.

Have sleep study next week, with Neurologist appointment the week after...

Maybe then I can contact pharmacy about saliva hormone testing...

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