Help! Won't stop bleeding.....up to750 mgs a day!!

by Nicole
(Erie, Pa)

Hello! I am a 39 yrs young cycling female. Been on pro cream for almost a year now. During this time trying to find right dosage for myself. About 4 mths ago started using the cream all month long cuz of how fast systoms come on and pro drops sudden. Really doing very well almost systom free until this month I received my period early very painful and heavy......however it is now week 4. And I am still bleeding heavy clotting nonstop! I have not been doing anything much different than the I took my pro cream dosage up to 800 mgs daily to stop it and systoms, however it has not even come close to stopping!! Please help! I can't live like this! I do not know weather to stop it all together and restart or keep going up in dosage! Which by the way is becoming very expensive to do that much! Before this all started I was doing well with between 200-350mgs daily depending on systoms. Please get back to me. And thank you for making such a difference in womens lives!:) sincerely Nicole

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Nov 04, 2013
Help! Won't stop bleeding.....up to750 mgs a day!!
by: Wray

Hi Nicole It is a good idea to use it daily until symptoms are under control, no harm is done. 800mg/day would be expensive, even if you’re using vitamin D levels. A lack of this reduces the benefits of progesterone, which in effect means you will have to use more if your levels are low. Please have a test done. There are several nutrients which help bleeding, one of which is vitamin D, the others are NAC, taurine and the bioflavonoids. For more info see our page on Menstruation. Thanks for your kind words! Take care Wray

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