help please!

by cynthia

hello, I need help. I will start with my past and what is going on now. 15 years ago I ended up hospitalized with postpartum depression. i have been on
an antidepressant since then. I have had problems with anxiety. Life is very hard. 3 years ago i had a miscarriage. then i became pregnant. someone suggested to me a doctor who is very friendly towards using progesterone, so i went hoping to prevent another miscarriage. well he said i was low and gave me a shot of progesterone and then he regularly took blood testsmto check my progesterone level. he kept me on progesterone suppositories for whole pregnancy. my baby was born 2 and a half years ago. i started to feel depressed again this past January so i went to the same doctor to have mt level checked again. it came back at.6. yes less than one. but he did not suggest progesterone this time. he just dealt with some of my other problems and did not mention the low prgesterone level. it surprised me because he is a doctor who prescribes the natural progesterone which you have to go to a special pharmacy to get. he also is a doctor who will prescribe it when other docors will not. anyway, in march was feeling so depression so ingot some of the left over suppositories out and started to smear them on myself. i felt so much better. but because the docor did not reccomend it i decided to skip using it for my april cycle. well now i am hopelessly depressed again. i have bad back problems and attributed the deperession to that. but i am thinking i need progesterone. i am so confused! i just want to feel better and be able to take care of my family. i dont know what to do. i am afraid of really goofing up my hormones as i do not know exactly how to take progersterone. i can hardly think anymore, i just need some help please.
any advice would be appreciated. thank you.
ps I am 43 if you need to know.

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May 20, 2014
by: cynthia

hi, me again. i am practicing nfp. i will be ovulating soon. so day 18 to start the progesterone is a week away. i do not want to restart my cycle as i do not know how then to figure out the day of ovulation, but i am so depressed I do not think i can wait a week to start progesterone. as i should not get pregnant now I am unsure of what to do. if i restart my cycle by starting long do i use i can start mensturation again? and if i would stop the progesterone, would i just mensturate or would i ovulate first? i need to know this.

May 20, 2014
help please!
by: Carol K

Hi there

It definitely sounds like you need Progesterone. I suggest you read as much as you can on this site and order Natpro. Sometimes doctors do not always know what is best for us and taking your health issues into your own hands is the only answer.

Good luck!

May 20, 2014
Dosing Progesterone
by: R.

Hello -

I have had experience with using progesterone for different reasons, and I can say wholeheartedly, that progesterone works the best if you take oral micronized progesterone .... I have used cream, suppository, and oral -- the quickest to respond and raise levels most consistently was using progest-e, which is micronized oral progesterone in vit. e, which helps absorption and protects the progesterone as a carrier oil. I know there is a lot of information out there about which is best, etc..... we have proven the effectiveness of the progest e with stopping seizure activity. Check out the writings and info on this website, as well as info from Dr. Ray Peat - he is a pioneer in the use of progesterone -- the information between the two websites will be invaluable to you. I pray you find the answers you need, but I encourage you to research, because I've found there are answers out there, you just have to find them on your own sometimes!

May 25, 2014
help again
by: cynthia

hi, so I took a supository for three days, at 400 mg
and then the doctor and I decided to switch to oral progesterone at 200mg. have taken that for two days now. anyways I am so depressed today. I am crying most of the time. How long will it take the progesterone to kick in?

May 26, 2014
adjusting dosages
by: R.

I know that in my case we've had to adjust according to symptoms...sometimes hour to hour ... there have been times we've been up to 400 mg orally every 2 hours, but again, that is according to symptoms and our specific situation. When you take them orally, we have found that biting into them and letting the gel rub into your gums and soak under your tongue before swallowing has increased the effectiveness and the speed with which we notice effect. It's hard to be patient when you are desperate, believe me, I understand completely ... but don't be afraid to take more, as it will only make you relaxed/sleepy. From everything I've researched, there is no downside to progesterone other than longevity ... sometimes it just takes a while for our bodies to re-adjust to how messed up they've gotten from everything. Pray this helps - will be praying for you.

May 27, 2014
by: cynthia

Thanks for the reply!

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