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Hi Wray
I hope you can help me. to make a long story short..I went for electrolysis for the upper lip (only one time) and she cleared what was there but there was still the follicles that were not done that came back. Two weeks after I had electrolysis on my upper lip I started noticing blond chin hairs. They started off not bad but now all of a sidden I have them everywhere on my face and they are getting longer. I have also noticed that my sideburn are starting to get darker where they were blond before. And they are also starting to move over into my cheek area. Right now I have blond hairs that are longer all over my face and are also starting to develop on my nose as well. I have went and had my hormones checked and all came back normal for testosterone, and estrogen..but the progesterone was borderline per the doctor. I was then told to go see my obgyn and had a pap and all was normal there and she looked at my blood results from the dr's office and said that my progesterone was normal and not borderline like I was first told. I am not sure if the electrolysis woke up all these hair follicles but I am not sure how to get rid of all of this. it's so depressing. Also my ob did prescribe me spironolactone but I am afraid to take it as there are side effects of losing hair on your head and I am already losing enought hair on my head and can't afford to lose more. Also I am 32 years old if that would be of any help to you. My periods are normal and I am not overweight. I hope that you can shed some light on this for me. Thanks in advance Wray!

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