Help on quantities for hormone balance

by Gilly

I need to know how much progesterone cream to use for a 51 year old depressed, tired, aching, irritable witch? Should l use it twice a day and for ever?

I had a Hysterectomy 7 year's ago and still have my ovaries. One of my friends recommended this cream to me as she thought l needed help and she's right big time! My Gyno put me on Utrogestan capsules, l tried this for 3 months and didn't like the after effects of swollen breasts and bloating feeling etc etc, so came off it. This was over a year ago and now I'm even in a worse state of depression and feel l need to do something about my quality of life. My husband wants his old happy wife back and so do l!

I would appreciate some help of any sort so l can get back on track with my life.

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Nov 14, 2009
Help on quantities for hormone balance
by: Wray

Hi Gilly. I love your description, it fits me to a T before I found progesterone! Unfortunately oral progesterone is not the most effective delivery route, please see this.

But equally unfortunately, no matter which system you chose, you will have those same oestrogen dominance symptoms to begin with. It doesn't normally take 3 months to pass, but this would be due to the very low level of progesterone the oral was giving you. Only about 10-20% is actually absorbed, the rest is metabolised and excreted. I would ask you to try the cream, and judging by your symptoms, about 200mg/day initially. It's easy enough to reduce once they've gone. If your breasts become sore, rub the cream on them, if you bloat, rub the cream on your tummy. Progesterone is an excellent diuretic, so good it's being given via IV transfusion to brain trauma victims, to reduce the oedema that forms. Oestrogen causes water retention and bloating, please see this web page on oestrogen dominance, it explains why this happens.

I know you live in Spain which has a sunny climate, but please have a vitamin D test done. A lack of this vitamin exacerbates the symptoms you have, particularly depression. The level should be between 50-90ng/ml. Take care, Wray

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