Help! Major estrogen dominance

by Tracy Zimmerman
(Lake Orion Michigan)

I am 37 years old and been trying to figure out my hormone issues for years with no results. I have tried lots of birth control and I feel awful on all of them.

I tried progesterone cream a month ago and feel better but just seems like it is not enough. I also suffer from candidasis but I think it is because of the hormone imbalance. When my period gets close the candidasis gets just awful almost unbearable. I don't sleep and cannot go to the bathroom. I itch everywhere. Been to many doctors no one can help me. No one has ever tested my progesterone levels I have been going by symptoms.I also take vitex to help. WHAT DO I DO? PLease help me.!!

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Jul 13, 2010
Help! Major estrogen dominance
by: Wray

Hi Tracy Your reaction to birth control pills is typical of someone who is short of progesterone. They stop all ovarian function, which means you were not making any progesterone while on them. And most creams come with instructions to use far too little. I recommend between 100-200mg/day, which is ten times the amount some recommend. So please try increasing the amount you're using, it is trial and error too. And is always related to symptoms, not to 'dose', the worse the symptom the higher the amount needed. But before you do this please see our web page on Oestrogen Dominance as this can occur. Interesting your candida gets worse before your period, this also bears out what studies have found. Oestrogen exacerbates it, progesterone calms it. Please see the following papers here, and here, and here, and here. I would suggest stopping the vitex too, as it does have a mild oestrogenic affect. For more info please see our web page on Candida. It explains in detail the nutrients needed to kill it and suppress it. Caprylic acid is excellent, this comes in both a tablet form and an oil, which is often called MCT. The oil is best if your skin itches, it goes in very readily and makes the skin wonderfully soft too. It can be applied in the vagina too, just avoid the eye area as it can sting the eyes, but not the skin. If you find this doesn't help you quickly enough, you can take Nystatin, a soil bacteria which kills candida, failing that Diflucan, a drug which kills it.
Take care Wray

Jul 14, 2010
Progesterone cream
by: Anonymous

Is there a specific cream that has 100/200mg. Cause right now I am using the 20mg cream. How much do I use and do I use it only morning and at night. I just bought Oasis serene cream. Says has 750mg on it. That one sounds like too much? If you could recommend one that would be great.

Thanks again
Tracy Zimmerman

I feel like someone finally understands what I am going through. I can't tell you how long I have searched. Thanks again.

Jul 19, 2010
Progesterone cream
by: Wray

Hi Tracy There is no specific cream which has 100/200mg, as it depends on how much cream you use with each application. Oasis has 1500mg/2oz container, or 750mg/1oz. This means it's a 2.5% cream or each gram contains 25mg progesterone. If you want to use 100mg/day you would have to use 4ml/day, if 200mg you would need 8ml/day or 1.6tsp. Quite costly at the price of $48.99 as 1 2oz container would only last 7.5 days. The creams on the market vary from 1.6% up to 10%, the higher the strength the less cream you would need. For instance with a 10% cream you would only need 1ml to get 100mg progesterone. Maybe you would like to look here to compare costs. Take care Wray

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