Help after partial hysterectomy

by Treen

Hi i am 12 days post op from a partial hysterectomy which i had because of issues I've had with endometriosis since i was a teenager, i am now 39 and have just had my uterus and tubes removed but i have kept my ovaries as they were fine, i am wondering if progesterone cream can still be used after a hysterectomy, since my surgery i have been unable to sleep, i lay awake at night wide awake for the whole night its driving me crazy, i am worried as i have suffered depression for years and i take zoloft which i have had for years as well, I'm worries the lack of sleep will trigger my depression, which i have had under control while on tablets, but lack of sleep in the past has been a trigger for my depression, i feel as though my hormones have been unbalanced for a long time, i take vitex tablets which i help with my skin and hormone imbalance but i am confused as to whether i may be deficient in progesterone, i would appreciate your help :)

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Dec 29, 2014
Try it
by: Anonymous

I had a partial hysterectomy when I was in my early thirties and when I was 42 I start the menopause. The dr put me on HRT and told me that I do not need progesterone because I do not have a uterus. Things went from bad to worse, I put on weight and was on sleeping tablets for years. After almost ten years I weaned myself off the HRT and sleeping tablets and after reding Dr Lee's book I started with progesterone cream on and off. I was still putting on weight until I increase the progesterone to twice a day and the weight is coming down, I am not depressed anymore and I am sleeping better. Its worth trying and see if it works for you

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