by Helen
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

I have a small cyst near my left breast under my armpit. The specialist said it is not cancer, but often times I feel concerned about this. I noticed that I am starting to get bald in one part of my head. I am 62. Should I consult my doctor first before using progesterone? Do I need a prescription? Would you please also email me your reply to mmha771@gmail.com. Thanks.

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May 29, 2015
Breast cyst
by: Suzanne

Unless they did a biopsy, they don't know if it's cancerous or not. I would most definitely ask for at least an ultrasound and then go from there. Even ultrasounds are not that conclusive. You don't want to question whether or not you have breast cancer. Find out to get a peace of mind!

May 30, 2015
Cysts and Hair Loss
by: Joy

Hi Helen

I have just emailed you. If you do not receive my email, please check your spam box.

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