Having site issues

by Anon
(U.K. )

Couldn't find another way than starting a new post. I keep trying to post but it tells me I've entered the spambot word in incorrectly - I didn't though. On the 3rd attempt it said it was disabling after 3 incorrect attempts. (They were all correct I promise!) I had some good news to share. Now I can't post on any topic, even the custom search bar won't load. Could this be a problem on my end as it is doing it on both my phone and iPad. Or a site issue.

Any help gratefully received!

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May 12, 2017
Potential solution
by: Justine

Good day

Sorry you are having problems.

Could you re-boot your internet browser and try again? This could resolve the issue.

Alternatively, It may also be an option to try using a different browser (Safari; Firefox etc..)

Another thing you could try do is empty your caches - the option to do so should be present in one of the browser tool options.

i do hope this information helps, your contribution is appreciated and valued.

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