Have tried, am nervous to try again

by Melissa
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hi Wray, I've read a lot of info. on your website and do have a couple of questions, as some of the things you talk about differ a little bit from other research I've done (in the holistic realm) insofar as the need for "natural" progesterone is concerned.

I've read that we don't have a "lack" of progesterone, rather an overabundance of estrogen. I recently used another brand of natural, pharm-grade estrogen which is in a coconut oil carrier. It may have been too potent, I'm not sure. I had waaay too much uterine tissue build up and bled like crazy after I stopped using it. An expensive doctor's bill later, now I'm scared to use it again. The doctor who formulated that brand said that I have too many xeno-estrogens and phyto-estrogens in my system and have to clean them out for a couple of months before trying it again. I already have an organic lifestyle so I'd need to go even more extreme and it's impossible to avoid them all, especially living in LA and in the long term. I would rather avoid getting an Rx for the compounding pharmacy and having side effects from an oral dose (eg. sleepiness), but do want to help my body balance and avoid a potential miscarriage. Do you have feedback on this, especially in light of your own product you've formulated? Thank you.

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May 11, 2010
Have tried, am nervous to try again
by: Wray

Hi Melissa. You are right, we do have an overabundance of oestrogen, for more info on oestrogen mimics please see here. But from the countless saliva/blood tests I've seen, plus those we have done regularly on our own cream, most women have low progesterone too. This is understandable with the xeno-oestrogens abounding, as oestrogen suppresses progesterone. But I'm confused as to why you're using an oestrogen cream when you agree we all have too much! It would build up your lining, and this would cause heavy and continual bleeding too. If you have had, or suspect you might have a miscarriage, the last thing you need is more oestrogen. We do have a web page on pregnancy for more info, please see here. I'm pleased you have an organic lifestyle, at least you will avoid the xeno-oestrogens found in our food, but not in our air unfortunately. Hopefully you drink filtered water and use organic skin care too, as mass produced skin care products are in many instances full of oestrogen mimics. Take care, Wray

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