Hair Loss Worse During My Period

by Amanda Lynn
(Inverness, Florida)

Dear Wray, my name is Amanda Lynn. I've been on the natural Progesterone Cream, ProgestaCare, only for two weeks. Since I began the cream, my hair loss has increased. Today, however, I began my period and my hair loss has doubled, maybe tripled. Is this normal? I've read soooo much about hair loss getting worse at first, but it scares me nonetheless. Why is it so much worse during my period? I'm thinking the dosage of progesterone cream I'm taking is not enough. I was only taking it in the morning (20 mg daily).

I'm sorry for asking so many questions, but I'm at my wits end. I wrote the previous article of "NEVER USE DEPO-PROVERA" a few days ago. I've been dealing with this for so long. I want my hair back. Because of one injection, my health has been destroyed for the past nine years. I've been looking and praying for an answer for nine years.

I have seen some, if very few, submissions that say their hair loss has increased since taking progesterone cream. Can too low a dose make the conditions worse?

This is my regimen:

ProgestaCare 1 pump daily
Kelp 600mg supplement daily
Inositol 2000mg daily
Magnesium 500mg daily
Calcium Citrate w/ Vitamin D-3 1000mg/400IU qd

Granted, I just began the inositol 4 days ago, the cream for two weeks, and the rest of the supplements for a little over a month.

I apologize for the long submission, but your answers and explanations are the only ones to have any real intelligence behind them. I have spoken to so many "doctors", who were probably just great test-takers in school, and who can hardly wait until I stop talking so they can collect my co-pay.

Thank you so much for all your time, caring, and help to so many hurting people. It may sound sappy, but it's heart-felt truth. In Christ, Amanda Lynn.

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Jun 20, 2010
Hair Loss Worse During My Period
by: Wray

Hi Amanda Lynn Bless you for the kind words. I remember your depo comment, and thanked you for saying what you did, it needs to be said more often! I'm helping so many who've been harmed by contraceptives. But back to you, progesterone does stimulate initially and with the amount you're using it will continue to do so. You need to use much more for progesterone to become the dominant hormone. I generally recommend between 100-200mg/day and it should be applied twice a day too, as levels drop after about 13 hrs. Oestrogen has a second surge mid luteal phase, as does progesterone normally, but it seems you haven't ovulated. So the boost of oestrogen was not counteracted by a surge in progesterone. You really needed to use extra then. If I'm right and you're not ovulating, your ovaries will still be making oestrogen and testosterone, so you really do need to use much more. I would suggest you try the 200mg/day to begin with. I'm not sure why you're taking the kelp, are you short of iodine? The inositol is very good, often called the anti-alopecia vitamin, but if I'm correct and you do have insulin resistance then you should be taking about 4000mg/day, this dose also helps initiate ovulation. Magnesium is good too, I would avoid the calcium for now, it's usually magnesium we're short of, and the vitamin D is so low it won't do anything for you. We should take a minimum of 5000iu's per day, a lack causes insulin resistance and affects the ovaries badly. Studies have shown low levels prevent ovulation, there's more info on this on the PCO page I gave you previously. For more info on vitamin D please see the Vitamin D Council web site. And please consider having a vitamin D test done. Take care Wray

Jun 21, 2010
Response to Wray's Questions
by: Amanda Lynn

Dear Wray,

Thank you so much for responding. In answer to your question about the kelp...I read that I could have an underactive thryroid due to insulin resistance and hormone imbalance. I also read that kelp can help the thyroid and also act as a detoxifying agent. Whether it is true or not, I'm not sure.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I only have one ovary. My right ovary ruptured when the 4 cm hemorrhagic cyst was removed. The surgeon said he left what was left of my ovary in my body, but it was not functioning anymore. I don't know why he didn't just remove it. He showed me photos of it, and it looked like a chewed-up piece of gum.

I want to follow your advice about the amount of progesterone cream, but I'm scared about losing more hair. Your opinion is by far one that I'm most considering and have the most belief in, but the doubt from tons of other websites still haunt me. Please don't take that the wrong way. Please, please, please!!! I'm sure you've seen them...blogs talking about progesterone overdose and women losing their hair in chunks.

Do you know how much progesterone the body is supposed to make naturally? Will all that progesterone counteract any good estrogen I have and make me lose more hair. I've seen some websites where women stated they've lost 70% or more of their hair since starting the cream. How could that be?

Again, forgive me for all the questions. I just, for once, want to do the right thing for my body and not destroy it further. I really value your opinion and look forward to hearing from you again. Thank you again.

In Christ,

Amanda Lynn

Jun 22, 2010
Response to Wray's Questions
by: Wray

Hi Amanda Lynn I do understand your concern, and also understand if you don't want to use the progesterone, I would never force anyone to do that against their wishes! I can only advise, and give as many research papers as I can to back up what I say. Pity about the blogs, they only alarm people. It's very rare for anyone using progesterone to be warned about the stimulatory affect it has initially. I gave you the link about it on the other web page you wrote on, but here's the page again on Oestrogen Dominance. Too little progesterone will never overcome the oestrogen, so women will remain in a state of oestrogen dominance, and not progesterone dominance. So symptoms will remain, if not worsen, as you've read on the blogs! There are now over 90 oestrogen mimics on the planet we have to contend with too, in our food, water, air and the skin care we use, for more info on this please see here. The ratio of progesterone to oestrogen should be between 10 to 100, too big a range I believe. It's better if the ratio is nearer the 100 mark, or higher before we feel well. For instance if someone had 21.4pg/mL, and oestrogen was 4.3pg/mL the ratio would be 5, so she would feel awful. On the other hand if progesterone was 2759pg/mL, the ratio would be 641.7 and she would feel fine. I've taken these figures from saliva tests a naturopath did for us, and I know how she felt before and after as the doctor came back to me. As for how much do we make it depends on many factors, is the woman ovulating or not, luteal and follicular phase levels vary considerably, and when pregnant we make increasing amounts, until the third trimester with very high amounts. Please see our web page on Progesterone Levels. But if symptoms are severe high amounts are needed, for instance Dr Dalton would give 2400mg/day to her patients with post natal psychosis, because they needed it. People with traumatic brain injury are given up to 1200mg/day via IV transfusion, because they needed it. It's a great pity progesterone has that stimulatory affect initially as it puts people off using it, or they stop too soon. But it's something which has to be worked through, either with very low doses increasing very gradually over many months. Or much higher amounts and overcoming it quickly. Take care Wray

Jul 14, 2010
Hair loss and progesterone
by: Anna

Remember to check your Iron levels too. Heavy periods cause iron loss. When we are low in iron our body will starve the scalp and hair in order to give iron to more vital parts of our bodies. I have lost tons of hair to iron. Watch your intake of polyphenols too. They can hinder iron absorbtion also. Research every thing you are eating and taking too. Herb teas are high in polyphenols. There is an up and down side to polyphenols and if your diet requires them more then find out which polyphenols are less harsh and more helpful. Vitamin A can improve the issue and help iron bind in the digestive track. I have experienced all of the possible reasons for hairloss since I was 29. I am now 43 and using progestrone cream to combat hotflashes and hairloss. It's working for me as long as I keep my iron up. I take prescription iron. good luck to you. I know how hard hairloss can be.

Aug 08, 2010
How much is too much Progesterone?
by: Carrie

I can't seem to find a balance here. I started taking progesterone to help with hairloss and pms; and while 50mg seemed to help, I still had pms issues in addtion to nooooooo sex drive, etc so my gyne increased to 100mg, once a day on days 12-24. MY HAIR IS FALLING OUT IN A SCARY RATE! Is this the right amount of progesterone, too much, or does my body have to adjust? Was so frightened by the hairloss I backed off to 75mg this past month. I do not know what I am doing with this cream. Please help!

Aug 11, 2010
How much is too much Progesterone?
by: Wray

Hi Carrie I believe the amount of progesterone needs to be somewhere between 100-200mg/day, so I'm pleased your gyne increased it, although 100mg is the minimum I would recommend. In your case evidently the 100mg is not sufficient. The hair loss is caused by excess testosterone, the PMS by excess oestrogen. For both these hormones to be suppressed a high amount of progesterone is needed initially, it's essential progesterone becomes the dominant hormone to stop symptoms. Unfortunately progesterone stimulates oestrogen when first using it, and you should have been warned about this. For more info please see our page on Oestrogen Dominance. I suggest you try 200mg/day for at least a week if not more, once you notice a slackening of hair loss, start reducing the amount very slowly. Progesterone should always be used a minimum of twice a day as levels start dropping after about 13 hrs. And it should only be used from ovulation for the next 14 days. So if your cycle is only 24 days long you should be starting it on day 10 and not on day 12. For more info please see our page on How to use progesterone cream. I suggest you also consider taking the following nutrients for the hair loss, 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine as the hair, skin and nails comprise 14% cysteine, 2000mg/day inositol, often called the anti-alopecia vitamin and 2-3mg biotin, also essential for hair growth. Take care Wray

Dec 26, 2010
by: Anonomous

i've been losing my hair and searching for answers for awhile. I thought it was thyroid, hormones, iron, iodine, shampoo, etc... and then bang I figured out I might be dehydrated for all these years. I'm on here now, b/c it's the end of period and I can just feel my scalp pulsing like the hair is falling out, so I'm going to use the tip I found about iron and take a bunch of iron pills during period time. Please drink tons of water. It's no joke, hair needs to be watered like grass, and will only get what it needs after every other organ in your body does. I pray I get some of my hair back and you do too.

Jan 06, 2011
15 years
by: Anonymous

I too have all of the above experiences and also have tried all forms of supplementation and am currently exploring an autoimmune theory as my bloodtests are finally showing what I've felt for 15 years. True, the doctors are not interested in the big picture. It's too time consuming. Like the last comment I am anemic after 1 and a half decades of this and am supplementing with iron. The question remains "why?!" Let me know what you two find. My list of "trials" include ; probiotics, fiber, magnesium, d, uva /uvb, fasting, n12 injections, no white flour, preservatives, processed foods or fake sugars... as well as normal sugar, quercetin, enzymes, progesterone, exercise, antidepressant, multivitamin, lotsa fresh veggies, adrenal support and probably more I've forgotten. On my period. Bye bye hair.

Jan 07, 2011
dehydration and hair
by: Anonymous

AHA! thanks for adding that info on water! I've been very dehydrated lately and I am shedding again. Iron can be toxic if ur levels get to high. so check with ur dr on that too.

Jan 11, 2011
by: Wray

Hi there If the symptoms occur at the end of your period, it sounds very like excess oestrogen is causing the problem. Progesterone has dropped to it's lowest point, but not oestrogen. Please consider using progesterone, it does help hair growth. Please have a test for vitamin D, this is also vital for hair growth, see here and here. For more info please see the Vitamin D council website. And beware of iron pills, it is possible to build it up too high, as there is no way the body can excrete iron. If you are sure you have a deficiency take it, but it's best to have a hair mineral analysis first, see here. And consider taking the nutrients I mentioned to Carrie. Take care Wray

Jan 11, 2011
15 years
by: Wray

Hi there Please try the nutrients I suggest for hair loss, they have helped many regain hair growth. Hair loss at your period indicates a progesterone/oestrogen imbalance. The progesterone has dropped too fast, too low in ratio to oestrogen. When you say you've tried progesterone, I gather it hasn't helped. This could be because you were recommended too low an amount, please consider using it again. The level needs to be 100-200mg/day to be of much benefit. Take care Wray

Sep 21, 2014
what's wrong with me?
by: Mindy

I know no one has commented on here in years but I thought I would take a chance and ask a question.

4 years ago I was diagnosed hypothyroid. The doctor's put me on Levothyroxine and I have felt better but my hair shed has never stopped. I used to have thick beautiful hair that was curly before my symptoms of hypothyroid. It has went straight and dry and this was before the levothyroxine, so I can't blame it on that. I also have heart palpitations, low sex drive, and red palms. As a result to red palms they wanted to check my liver for liver disease. My liver is fine. I guess what my question is could I have low progesterone and high estrogen dominance? And would this cause a change in hair texture and the hair loss and red palms? My heart palpitations are few and far between but when they do occur it scares me. I have had all test done on my heart and everything is normal. I'm at a loss and need some answers. My vitamin d is 57 and my b12 is 331.

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