Hair loss with biote pellets

by Yona
(Tyler, Texas, USA)

I have been holding out all hope that this product would work for me because of the added energy, increased muscle mass, extra energy and increased libido. I was in perfect health. All labs were normal. I was using Climara pro patches and had done so for a few years and they worked really well for me. Because of the pellets being "natural," I decided to try them.

After the first insertion, I had to go back for an adjustment. Everything seemed to be fine except for a low Vitamin D. About three weeks after my second insertion, I began losing my hair rapidly and having borderline hypothyroidism. I am at 3.0 and normal thyroid is 3.5. Now I experience constipation from taking Nature-throid 16.25 mg. This is sickening to me. I had gorgeous hair. It was full and thick. I have lost a fourth of it and my hair line is receding on the sides and am losing all over at the roots. Is it going to stop thinning? Will it grow back? I hate this is happening because I like the way I feel and look except for the noted side effects. Please advise.

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Apr 08, 2017
I thought it was just me!
by: Anonymous

I LOVE the increased libido as I had none before.

I am 14 years post hysterectomy and due to a sensative stomach and allergy to adhesive, thought I had no options...then came the pellets.

I TOO am now borderline hypothyroid and I too have lost at least a quarter of my hair. I will NOT be doing a second pellet insertion. How good will increasing my libido be when I am completely bald!

I feel that this should be at the forefront of their "information" regarding the therapy.

If it does not come back...we've got an issue!

May 23, 2017
hair loss
by: Anonymous

I am freaking out as my hair is falling out by the roots. My doctor never disclaimed this possibility and I am very concerned.

I am on my second pallet and have increased energy, libido and some weight gain.

Does anyone know if stopping this pellet, the hair grows back?

Also if there is recommended treatment to balance out what is going on here?

Aug 28, 2017
Hair loss
by: Anonymous

I've been using biote pellets for a year and half. My body runs through them so I get inserts every 4 months.

I'm only 33 and my labs showed that I was off the charts post-menopausal (not sure if was genetic or caused by Mirena) I was miserable and had been for a couple of years before I decided to have my hormones checked.

I love biote pellets and will more than likely keep using them because of the drastic difference I physically/emotionally feel. However, I have noticed more hair loss. My hairdresser seems to think it's still the same and family doesn't notice it, but I notice.

My practioner put me on Spironolactone. I honesty can't tell if it's doing anything. I did research and find that it is a testosterone blocker.

Are y'all doing anything to help with hair loss now? Or is it any better?

Aug 30, 2017
Hair Loss
by: Joy

Please read this page on Biote Pellets, I really do not recommend them at all and account for the many side effects that many experience.

The Mirena is probably one of the worst devices invented, it should be banned. Please read up the side effects of it on the Contraceptives page.

Spironolactone is a concern, it carries a cancer warning. See here and here.

You very clearly are suffering from estrogen dominance.

Please read the thread given to you above, taking note of what Wray has advised. You might like to take the time to read all the links to her website as well as all the study papers. I am sure that they will explain what is happening to you and all those who use them.

Mar 12, 2018
Hair loss
by: Anonymous

Did your hair ever grow back?

I am in the middle of this nightmare right now.

Mar 28, 2018
Hair loss
by: Anonymous

I love the pellets. Never felt so good. I've been on them for 2 years and have lost lots of my hair. I dont know if it's the pellets or thyroid.
I can't get a straight answer at the Doctors office. I cannot just keep losing more hair.
Looks like it may be the pellet not the thyroid.

Jun 21, 2018
when does it stop
by: Anonymous

I agree with all of the positive comments about the pellet but I stopped this treatment as well due to hair loss. It has been a year and my hair continues to fall out from the root.

It would be great to hear from someone that can tell us how long this goes on....until I have no hair left? :(

Jul 30, 2018
Grows Back
by: Anonymous

My doctor said that if/when I stop the pellets, the hair will grow back.

Aug 03, 2018
Another pellet victim
by: Anonymous

I took pellet therapy for about a year. My hair started falling out by the root and the facial hair was like a man. I stopped the therapy and unfortunately my hair has not grown back.

I would definitely not recommend the pellets for anyone. There has not been enough research done on these.
I wish I had never started.

Aug 04, 2018
thick beautiful hair GONE
by: Anonymous

I never looked at the blood work my doctor took after my first pellets. When my hair started falling out I went to my MD to test thyroid- was perfect. However my testosterone and free testosterone were super high. 450 on testosterone and that was 8 months after my last pellet.

Berry Flemming, my Biote doctor told me it was to his discretion how much he gave me. I had blood work drawn by his office but they said there were no results for the lab even though they drew it and I paid for the labs! His office only told me "You signed a paper saying you were aware you could loose your hair. Flemming gave me a laser cap- not working after four months.

Ladies- there should be a class action lawsuit. He said I may go bald. I am suicidal now. Nightmate

Aug 10, 2018
Very depressing
by: Kris

I have always had fine hair and not a whole lot. Received the first pellet and did not notice much difference. Decided to get the second pellet because... well it was free. Thought for the price I should try to get the whole effect. Never told that I could loose my hair and actually told that it may help with hair growth.

I can tell you right now if it had ever been disclosed to me that I would be loosing my hair I would have NEVER done the biote pellet.

My hair has been falling out ever since and everything I have tried has not helped. If anyone has any idea what to do I would so appreciate it. Have been trying everything. I do hope it will grow back. This is the most depressed about my hair and myself I have ever been.

Aug 20, 2018
Huge Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

Hi ladies, I'm also having a nightmare with hair loss after my second pellet insertion. I'm desperate to tell the truth. I had gorgeous and full hair, I lost 60% of my hair in 6 months. My first pellet insertion was in January/18 and my second in April/18. My hair loss stated just before my second insertion. I'm supposed to have another insertion now but I've decided not to, hoping that the hair loss would stop as my doctor said it will once. My hair keeping falling from the roots all day, full hand of hair every day that I have photograph.

What we should all do? I'm hoping it will grow back but how long it will take? This hair loss is making me so worry. We need better answers from our doctors. Anyone have any information about it?

Aug 28, 2018
Me too
by: Anonymous

I never even thought to research hair loss associated with BHRT. I had been on creams for years and didn’t have significant hair loss. December 17 I had my first insert and again in March that was about the time I started noticing. It’s gotten worse.

No one told me that was a possibility or I would have NEVER got the pellets.

My self esteem and mental health are so affected! I mean what’s the alternative, a wig?

So very scared!

Aug 29, 2018
by: Kathy

I used the pellets for about 2 years and loved the way I felt.

I noticed slight hair loss about a year into the therapy. Then it became so pronounced and after some research I stopped receiving the pellets. Six months after my last insertion I visited my primary care physician about the hair loss. My thyroid was normal my testosterone was over 400.

I continue to lose hair and I had really thick hair all my life; I am devastated! Have had to order a hair piece.

I do not have any faith the hair will grow back.

Aug 29, 2018
Pellet is the devil
by: Katie

Does anyone have any updates on their hair loss? I have probably lost a quarter of my hair since April, when I had my first insertion. Any help?

When I got the pellet my testosterone level was at a 7 and my progesterone was really low, too. Thyriod fine. I'm on spiro now and that's the only thing that is semi-helping (I say semi because I went off it and the shed was nightmare-ish, worse than it is now).
A friend of mine just got a pellet inserted (after I warned her not to). I'm worried she's about to start shedding, too. We'll see...
I, too, am thinking of getting a topper.

Aug 30, 2018
Hair loss nightmare
by: Anonymous

I too am losing my hair! It is very scary. Retested and my thyroid was worse than before, not sure what my testosterone was, but now I will find out.

I have always had baby fine hair and not a lot of it. Now I could go bald, would not do this therapy again even though hot flashes stopped and libido was great. I am so sad. I am taking hair care vitamins and using an infrared cap, hope this will slow it down. Going to see my hair dresser today, she will be shocked!

Nov 06, 2018
Devastated to give up my pellets
by: Anonymous

I too thought I had found my joy again! The pellets made me vivacious, happy and fall completely in love with my husband again. After my second treatment I started to notice large clumps of hair falling out. My hair has always been my best feature. I was devastated! I did research upon research. When I called the doctor who prescribed the pellets he gave me a theory that made no sense! Something about how I was going to loose my hair anyway and the pellets just synced all my hair loss into the same time period instead of spreading it out.

I then researched the help of a holistic approach. Over the past 5 years I have been realizing the benefits of essential oils. There is a recipe of essential oils that has stopped my hair loss. Last week I noticed the growth of 1/2 hair filling in all my bald spots! Thank you God! Here is the recipe:
2 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
4 drops cypress essential oil
4 drops Geranium essential oil
2 drops Juniper essential oil
5 drops of lavender oil
3 drops of rosemary
Then put 1 drop of the blend into 1/4 tsp of water, and rub on the bald area and entire scalp. I times the recipe by 5 and put it in a tiny spray bottle. keep it next to my toothbrush a spray at night and in the morning. Has worked for me!

Note from moderator:
Thank you for your contribution Anonymous. We however do not post links. This site is for sharing information and great ideas such as yours but not for promotion. Hence I have removed the promotional link you have posted. Thank you for your understanding.
Warm regards

Nov 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

I’ve had thick shiny hair - until BioTe! Three months after my first insertion of both pellets, my hair is coming out in clumps and my forehead looks like a billboard thanks to my receding hairline. All the stupid pellets did was stop my hot flashes, period.
I wouldn’t ever ever have this done again and I’m just sick I did them in the first place. I’ve had all sorts of IBS plus muscle and bone problems that I’ve never had before too.
Whom can we sue?

Jan 23, 2019
Hair loss after 1.5 months of first BioTe pellet
by: Anonymous

I had my first biote pellet placed Nov 12, 2018, By December I was having acne breakouts like a teenager. I did not notice increased libido, mental clarity or increased energy. By January 2019, I had a noticeable receding hairline and patches of hair loss.

My husband is a Surgeon and had told me not to mess with my hormones but I did not listen to him and now I’m loosing my hair. Yesterday, My husband surgically removed the pellet & said that I had scar tissue around the implanted device. He had to cut out the scar tissue and sutured the incision closed.

I have gone to the biote webpage and no where does it list hair loss as a drawback. The only drawback listed is that insurance does not cover it.

Jan 24, 2019
by: Katie

Hi, I wanted to come back and share the rest of my story. I'm 35 and got a testosterone pellet implanted in April 2018.
I was already experiencing hair shedding and thinning thanks to an autoimmune condition that had attacked my hormones. My testosterone was at 7 at that point and my OB put me on progesterone and then inserted a Biote pellet.

Initially, I had a terrible reaction... my estrogen skyrocketed. My testosterone eventually caught up, but my hair loss only worsened. Receding hairline (keep in mind, I'm 35!). I went through months of awful shedding and finally was put on spironoloctone.

The pellet never did what it was supposed to do and I never felt any benefits from it AT ALL.
After 5 months on spiro, my hair has finally stopped shedding and is growing back (also, thanks to Rogaine).

It has been 9 months since I got the pellet and I would say I'm finally feeling back to "normal."
I saw an endocrinologist and she said that the pellet -- without a doubt -- worsened my hair loss.

But I did want to follow up and say that the hair loss has stopped/subsided to give some others hope.

Jan 29, 2019
Yes, Suffering From Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

Hello there. I am 59 years old and have been on pellet therapy for almost three years. I have always had fine hair, but had plenty of it. Over the last three years my hair has significantly thinned out, much to my despair. In addition to decreasing head hair, I had an increase in chin and neck hair. Ugh!!!!!!

Several times over the last three years, I addressed my concerns with my doctor and the only response I got is that he didn't want to increase my estrogen level in the pellets as he feared there would be spotting. So each time I had the pellets inserted, my hair thinned out a little bit more. I did not put the two together as I visited my dermatologist about this and he said I had female pattern hair loss. I like my GYN, but am a bit upset with him for not suggesting my hair loss issues could be related to the pellets. Pellets are a huge money maker for these doctors.

After doing a great deal of research - I have decided to stop the pellet therapy (should be depleted from my body within a month). I was using bio- identical creams prior to the pellets and had no issues. Wanted to try the pellets as it was just easier than using creams every night (If I could backtrack - I would gladly choose the inconvenience of applying nightly creams as opposed to thinning hair). Honestly, I look back at pictures of me with my hair, I just want to cry. I do not even have enough hair to put in the clip in extensions.

I would like to add that I did purchase the iRestore Laser helmet and have been using it for three weeks, and I do see peach fuzz coming in, so I am hopeful for my head of hair to return. I am also taking biotin supplements and using a hair loss serum from Makeup Artists Choice, so trying to be very proactive in this.

In the end...there definitely should be a warning stated with the pellet therapy. Shame on them!

Best of luck ladies and remember, you are your worst critic!!! Don't be!!!!!

Feb 05, 2019
3 medications and still losing hair
by: Anonymous

I have been on the pellets for about 2 years and have experienced hair loss like something horrible. My husband said it looked like a beaver was crawling down the drain.

The doctor put me on spironolactone AND propecia because one wasn't working. Then I also took some all natural pill that biote makes that is a broccoli extract. I think it may be less shedding but it is still coming out and not growing back. I don't think it is worth it. The only reason I keep doing them is because he says I have too wait 6 months before they give me a different hormone. I had a complete hysterectomy so I do not produce any. I am just going to grin and bear it I guess.

I would like to know about all natural hormone therapy? I thought that was what these were. That was why I began them. Now I read otherwise.

Aug 25, 2019
Hair loss
by: Anonymous

Not only has my hair gotten much thinner it’s very fine! I had Beautiful lush hair!!! Thanks a lot BIO TE!

Nov 04, 2019
Severe Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I'm on my second Biote pellet. The first one I felt great. A week after the second one I started loosing large amounts of hair. Two months in and I have lost 70% of my hair and they put me on Spironolactone. I'm seeing no stop in hair loss.

Has anyone had their hair grow back? I'm going bald!!

Jan 04, 2020
I’m 58 and I’m loosing my hair and the pellets are affecting my eye sight
by: Anonymous

I’m 58 years old and have been taking BioTee for almost two years. It was great and it definitely helped my marriage. My sex drive increased, I had more energy, the hot flashes were gone - initially I felt great! A lot of my friends were on BioTee and were experiencing the same results.
But no one told me about the possibility of loosing your hair. My hair is literally falling out. This also happened to a friend of mine so bad that she lost more than 50% of her hair. She just spent $500 on a wig. That’s just crazy.

Ladies - make sure you are aware of this fact. You must weigh out the good compared to the bad. I would never have taken it if I had known. This is affecting my self-esteem and is embarrassing. On the right side of my hair I have to position my hair to try to cover the bald spot. Its awful. Not only have I experienced hair loss I too am experiencing loss of my sight. When I started taking BioTee I had 20/20 vision and wore reading glasses in a 1.0 strength for reading. In less than 12 months my eye sight had decreased significantly. I went from a 1.0 to a 3.0 reading glasses strength. I am now wearing 4.0 reading glasses and my preacher looks like a silhouette and a blur. I’ve had my eyes checked and I don't need prescription glasses but I CANT see. Several others have written about this as a side effect of BioTee. My sister stopped taking BioTee and her vision cake back. So realistically, I guess the question is, "Do I want to be bald and blind but still have a great libeto because of BioTee OR should I consider other options"

I’m scheduled to have another BioTee injection in January. I have to get them every 4 months now. When asking my gynecologist about side effects, she is vague and won’t confirm or deny. I just don’t think it’s worth it. I wanted to share my story. Do your research ladies.

Aug 22, 2020
Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I just realized that BioTee is causing my hair loss - NO MORE - I had not idea until started researching -- I have hypo thyroid - and just thought that the reason - getting ready for PRP treatment on my head to try and restore hair growth.

Aug 24, 2020
Hair Loss STOP
by: Anonymous

Hi ladies, I left a comment on Aug 20, 2018.
I want to give an update, since that I have my beautiful hair back. It has grown and it is long now.

I want to give you all a little hope.

When I started with the Biote pellets I did it with a doctor that put too much hormones on me specially on my second insertion. I think my body just got a shock at that time. I got so angry, disappointed, confused, I lost lots, lots, lotsssss of hair. I had to cut my hair short (which I never had).

After that, I found another doctor that hear me, he wanted to help and treated my hair loss for a while until I got comfortable enough to get the pellets insert with him again. He gave me hope to begin and made me trust him. I started (and never stopped) to take Finasteride and biotin, collagen, I changed my thyroid medication a little bit ( I have Hypothyroid for over 20 years).

It took me almost 1 year to feel comfortable to get the Biote Pellets insert again on me. I wanted to have it, it gives me energy, helps me with my mood, with my exercise, muscle gain, sex.

So, with this new doctor we decide to put just the minimum and it has been 2 years since that. I have the same amount insert every 4 months and I love it. My hair stills falls but not comparison with how it was before, it has grown specially on the temples and best of all, I gained confidence again.

I hope this helps to see a light for all of you. I know that our body reacts different, I'm 55 years old, but since we all had/have the same problem with the hair loss I wanted to share good news with you all.

Best, Sonia
* the Nioxin shampoo helps me a lot as well

Sep 24, 2020
bio t pellets
by: jodie

My hair is falling out due to Bio T pellets. I quit taking this 3 months ago, is there any help with this?

Sep 28, 2020
by: Anonymous

After reading all these very scary posts there’s one common thread & its Biote pellets! I honestly believe it’s that pellet brand. I’ve been getting pellets for 15 years & my husband for 10 years & neither one of us have ever experienced this. I will have to get back to you on our brand but it is NOT biote!!
I’m so sorry this happened to all of you.

Oct 03, 2020
by: Ali

My first pellet treatment went well. The second round was when I started to loss hair. I have fine hair and now it is thinning. I was informed by MD that the testestorone turned into DHT. In men it causes hair loss. Now I am taking a medication to "reverse" the problem. I am desperately researching other avenues. I feel great but my hair has caused me more angst. Thanks

Nov 24, 2020
by: ARDH

Hey ladies!

I'm in the same boat as you, with my thyroid, Vitamin D and hair loss. Can you tell me if you've had any resolution with your signs/symptoms?

Nov 24, 2020
Severe Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I've been off the BioTe pellets for a year and a half and my hair is brittle frizzy and still falling out. It tries to regrow but just falls out.

I've been to multiple doctors with no answers but just to wait. I'm hoping it will stop soon.

These pills really affect your body badly.

Nov 25, 2020
Pesky Pellets
by: Anonymous

Ladies, it’s the pellets. That’s why you’re balding. Stop them.
I was told to use Active Wow shampoo and conditioner by the nurse, who seemed to have heard this complaint before. I like It Boost Intensive Hair Tonic. Use twice a week. It’s going to take a year at least but be patient. My hair is thinning around my temples and hairline but I am seeing improvement.
Hang in there!

Sep 03, 2021
Please tell me your hair few back
by: Anonymous

Most of these comments are from a few years ago. I wish I would have seen these as I am now on my 2nd pellet and my hair is falling out! I have beautiful, thick hair and now it's so awful. I'm so scared. Can some of you please respond back and let me know how your hair is after stopping? I'm NEVER taking another pellet again.

Sep 04, 2021
Please tell me your hair grew back
by: Joy

​Hi there

I do hope that someone will respond. It is always helpful when feedback is received. Pellets are dreadful things, they should be banned.

If you have not seen this​ ​page,​​​ please read it. Wray explains all about pellets with supporting references.

​I​nositol may help you, it is a B vitamin, also known as the alopecia vitamin.​​

Good luck

Sep 04, 2021
Post pellet update
by: Katie

Hi! I can confirm that after three years & the help of birth control, spironolactone & Viviscal, my hair is almost back to normal. But I only did one pellet as a result of a hormonal imbalance in 2018. I was 34 at the time & am now 38. It’s been a struggle to get my hair not to shed & I’ve had to be really consistent with my birth control & spironolactone. I do suggest going to a dermatologist for hair loss. Best of luck to everyone. Hair loss, no matter the cause, can be so devastating.

Sep 04, 2021
Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

Try Rosemary and Sandlewood essential oils in your shampoo. They are helping me. My stylist also recommended tea tree oil in my conditioner. Sandlewood and Rosemary are better, I think, but I’ll take his advice. You can just dump the little bottles in your shampoo and conditioner; do not put them directly on your scalp - they need a "carrier." You can use almond oil to mix with them and leave it on your scalp overnight too. Use a deep conditioner once a week and don’t pull your hair tightly as in a ponytail. Use scrunchies to hold it back. Good luck!

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