Hair loss and low libido

by Scott

Hi there a while ago I megadosed vitamin b5 for acne and it caused massive hairloss for myself and many many others across the world, so far nobody has found a cure other than finasteride but even then it's only helped and not cured.

I'm going to give progesterone a try and see if it helps, I did my first dose of Natpro last night and again this morning and am already feeling estrogenic effects mainly got flushes so far. I'm doing 100mg per day.

Could you please tell me what vitamins I should take? I'm taking d3 so should I also take magnesium and zinc? How about inositol or tyrosine? All I want to do it stop my hairloss hairline and have a normal libido. Any help would be great.
Thank you

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Feb 09, 2017
hair loss and low libido
by: Lisa

Hi Scott,
I had a bad experience with hair loss a few years back due to an over-processed perm. Ivebern taking Puritans Pride healthy skin hair and nails for years, which helped a lot. I started taking 1,000 mg of inositol about 3-4 months ago and wow! My hair is completely back to normal, maybe even thicker. An added benefit is it makes me feel very calm and just "good". I also take co Q10. Biotin is also good for hair. I hope that helped, and best wishes to you! 😊

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