Hair growth

by Steph

Ive been taking progesterone after ovulation until period starts for about six months In an effort to sustain a possible pregnancy as I've had three miscarriages and suspect it was low progesterone. Over the last month I've noticed my arm hair has grown very fast and is now long. I use to not have so much and it's like it popped out of nowhere. Also, I've noticed hair on my cheeks, upper lip, lower chip and chin. I don't know why this happening. Can you provide any information to why my hair might be growing in places I've never had it??

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Sep 26, 2014
by: Chloe

Firstly, I am sorry for your losses, my condolences.

It sounds to me like the hair growth is a fairly new issue and only started months into using progesterone. Excess hair in those areas are most often caused by high androgen/testosterone levels. I know you must feel awful about it, you're not alone and there are things that help.

Were you ever diagnosed with anything other than low progesterone? Were you on the pill prior to the cream? Have you recently gained 10% or more body weight? If so, is it your belly that holds most of your wait? and lastly, how has your skin been, any acne or oily skin?
I ask because, infertility, frequent miscarriages and the hair growth, some doctors may say you have pcos, others will want to do more testing and an ultrasound of your ovaries. Sounds like but certainly not sure.

In the meanwhile you can read the pages here on pcos, its on the left side tool bar. Just to see if there is more you do or don't identify with. If you have gained wait, then it started, its a pretty sure sign. But also, that's hopeful because you know its that exact weight and amount of pounds you need to keep off to keep symptoms at bay.

Sep 30, 2014
Hair growth
by: Steph

Hi there. No I have never been diagnosed with anything else. The only thing that ever showed up was a vitamin d deficiency which I took care of that. I was wondering if the progesterone triggere the excessive hair growth. I'm not overweight and have a y'all's continued lose weight as I continue to eat healthy to prepare for a pregnancy. I do have some acne but fairly normal skin. Sometimes oily a few days out of the month.

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