Guidance for dizziness

by Jennifer


I am 31 and now 9 months postpartum. When I became pregnant I immediately felt like I was walking on a boat and dizzy 24/7. I was light sensitive, sound sensitive, and foggy headed as well. I felt like this all of first trimester but it slowly burned out and around mid second trimester I felt normal again and then felt great for the rest of my pregnancy. When I had my son I still felt great and was doing well breastfeeding. Exactly 6 weeks postpartum the feels I had first trimester all came back and I was very confused. The symptoms were the same 24/7.

I kept getting brushed off as hormones and anxiety which I definitely was very anxious to be feeling that way all the time. I gave up breastfeeding hoping my hormones would stabilize but it did not go away. I went to the ENT and was diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines in a chronic form. I guess that makes sense as hormone changes (pregnancy, postpartum) can cause migraines.

I have been taking 500 mg of magnesium and 400 mg of b2 and doing the migraine diet. I saw a huge reduction of symptoms doing this protocol after a month. Now the last few weeks I have had my symptoms come back so I have started a migraine preventative in hopes it will break the cycle.

However, I have been having periods since September (stopped breastfeeding in June) but my cycles are VERY long. I question if I am even ovulating. All of my blood work (I have had lots) is normal as far as thyroid, vitamins, glucose, etc. I have had my hormones checked a few times. In October even on day 28 of my cycle my estrogen was 58 pg/mL and my progesterone was <0.5 ng/ML. I ended up getting my period only 10 days after that blood test. I can't imagine even if I did ovulate the next day that I had ample progesterone.

My cycles used to be normal and then I went on the pill for years. I got off 6 months before getting pregnant and my cycles were long and irregular but I still managed to get pregnant but had a horrible first trimester as mentioned above.

So I am foggy, dizzy, and anxious all the time. I feel like my hormones are the root cause of this.

I would love guidance as to how to use the progesterone cream (how much, when to use it)? Could using it help get me on track?

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Jan 05, 2019
In addition
by: Jennifer

I have also read how to use the cream section so many times and I am really confused as to how to use it. I don’t know what days to use it since I’m so irregular. I don’t know how much to start with to trail and I don’t understand how to measure the exact amount.

Hoping you might be able to guide me on this. I also am a little confused on something. Clearly my hormones were off since this started when I got pregnant. If I had low progesterone how was I able to get pregnant and stay pregnant?

Jan 07, 2019
Guidance for dizziness
by: Joy

Hi Jennifer

You might like to read the page on Dizziness, please read the references too. Between 100-200mg progesterone is needed, you may need to use more, you will have to experiment with the amount. As you have irregular periods the cream should be used every day with no breaks until your cycle returns to normal, then you can use the cream by following your cycle i.e. use during your luteal phase as explained on the How to use Progesterone Cream page. Natpro progesterone cream comes in a dispenser, one full pump delivers 50mg. Use the cream morning and again at night, never use it once a day. So that would be half the amount that you decide to use in the morning and the other half at night. I do suggest that you use 200mg and see how you get on with that. Please also read the Estrogen Dominance page.

There is a connection between hormones and Migraines. Stopping breastfeeding can also upset the hormones. The correct use of progesterone should help you.

Vitamin D3 is very important, a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. Nothing less than 5,000iu's per day is needed. Optimal range is between 70-100ng/ml. Magnesium and vitamin K2 with no soy are important co-factors needed when taking vitamin D3.

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