GP gave me Prozak

by Michelle
(UK - London)

Last year I had a myomectomy to remove several fibroids. I was given drugs 3 months before the op to block my oestrogen supplies to enable them to shrink. After the op and my own oestrogen supplies kicked back in I started to put on weight, have food cravings as well as terrible mood swings.

This went on for a while. I was feeling very low, depressed and went to a homeopath, as I had read about progesterone cream working, but my health shop said it would have to be presribed by the consultant. She spoke with me for about 15 minutes and presecribed iron, agnus castus and some other tablets. I took these, but there was no change in how I felt.

I suffered from terrible anxiety so decided to go to my GP as I was very desparate. I explained how I was feeling and within 8 minutes of being in the chair, I was prescirbed with PROZAC. I took the prescription, but know that I would not be collecting them from the chemist. I had another search on the internet, and again progestrone cream kept coming up as a solution. I decided to try Wild Yam tablets, and... I've haven't felt better. I've been taking them now for about 8 weeks and my mood it great. Leading up to my period I use to suffer with dry scalp, the skin on my face looked awful and a bit of period pain. I feel so good, I'm now wondering if there are any side effects to taking these. They started working almost immediately.

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Oct 25, 2009
GP gave me Prozak
by: Wray

Hi Michelle. I'm relieved you didn't go the Prozac route! Wild Yam has oestrogenic properties, which is why you are feeling better now. You might like to read more about it on this web page.

Fibroids are stimulated by oestrogen which is suppressed by progesterone. Although you've had the fibroids removed, you might like to read this web page.

This might help re the wild yam:

"The chemical transformation of diosgenin to estrogen, progesterone, or other steroidal compounds is not thought to occur in the human body (515). However, wild yam does seem to have some estrogenic properties. A wild yam extract enhances estradiol binding to estrogen receptors and induces transcription activity in estrogen- responsive cells (6180). Postmenopausal women who substitute 390 grams daily of wild yam (Dioscorea alata) for another staple food such as rice for 30 days have significant increases in serum estrone, sex hormone binding globulin, and possibly serum estradiol levels (13167). The mechanism for these estrogenic effects is not understood."

If at any time you find the wild yam not working, I suggest you try progesterone, as it's evident from the fibroids you are deficient. Take care, Wray

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