Frequent Bleeding After Starting Natural Progesterone Cream Two Months Ago

by Amanda
(Houston, TX)

In 2019, I had a little bit of spotting after I'd exercise, so I went to my PCP, had full bloodwork, hormones checked and a transvaginal ultrasound which found an ovarian cyst. I had been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid in 2014. In 2015, I began to experience longer time between my periods and I finally brought this up to my ob gyn in 2017. He checked thyroid, FSH, LH and said my FSH was 88 or 86 and consistent with menopause, but I've had subsequent FSH readings in the low 30's. So, I know I'm in perimenopause.

I'm 44, no children. The ovarian cyst has been under observation since 2019, I've had a normal endometrial biopsy, CA-125 and all tumor markers were normal and in October 2019 after yet another pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound my obgyn told me the cyst was actually two simple cysts stuck together and nothing to worry about. During that time, she told me my uterine lining was thickened - no big surprise because I wasn't really having periods - so she gave me 7 days of Prometrium to clean things out. And I had a period shortly after taking it.

The 6 months of all these tests was very nerve wracking so I asked her if could check the cysts again in 6 months. Meanwhile, I was getting to take Prometrium for 7 days and I'd usually have a period, but it didn't work the last time I took it in April 2020.
Then COVID-19 shut everything down about the time I needed to have the cysts checked again. I finally saw a new obgyn, as my current one left the practice and had another ultrasound. At this visit, the cysts were still there, my uterine lining was in her words, consistent with menopause and she said the cysts would go away after a few menstrual cycles. Hello? How can they go away if I'm not even having menstrual cycles? I went about 5 months with no period, then got one in August 2020, another one in October 2020 and then one in November 2020. I then didn't get another one until February 2021. At my March ultrasound, the cysts were still there, but frankly, I've never had any pain or symptoms from them at all. I was supposed to have a Hysteroscopy D&C and laparascopic cyst removal on April 28, 2021. In the meantime I came across Dr. John Lee's book about Premenopause and Menopause and I fit the bill for estrogen dominance - fibrocystic breasts, Ovarian cyst and uterine fibroid. When I asked the doctor how we would proceed with monitoring things after surgery she said we wouldn't unless I had abnormal bleeding. That didn't sit well with me, so I postponed the surgery, and decided to try a natural route.

I take a B Complex, 500 mg Chelated Magnesium, Vitamin K1 and K2, a multimineral complex, 5000 IU Vitamin D and a daily probiotic. I began using a 1/4 tsp natural progesterone cream at night following one of Dr. Lee's recommended ways to use it. 21 days straight and take a break. I had spotting about 11 days after starting the cream. I then took a break and started it back up and made it 11 days and began to have more than spotting, so I stopped it per Dr. Lee's advice to not use it during a period. I think I might've ovulated that month, because my cervical mucus was very plentiful and somewhat stretchy, I might add before I began the cream and supplement regimen, I didn't really have any lubrication down there. So after taking a break, I began the cream again and two weeks later am bleeding again. I am aiming for balance which is why I take 1/4 tsp. I've also changed my diet a lot and eat kale, either raw or cooked almost everyday. Other than very irregular periods and higher FSH readings , I have no menopausal symptoms. I've never had hot flashes, I sleep pretty good except for waking up to use the bathroom during the night, I exercise daily, my energy level is off the charts, I quit drinking alcohol completely last year and don't even plan to do so again. I am going to start using DIM pretty soon. I don't expect a regular monthly cycle, but maybe this frequent bleeding is just the uterine lining being cleaned out. Its never excessively heavy bleeding either. Sometimes I need a tampon, sometimes I don't. I plan to see a new obgyn in September or October of this year to see what's going on with the cysts which I hope are gone. I've noticed my breasts don't feel as lumpy either. I've also changed many of my personal care and cosmetic products to safer ones using EWG Skin Deep as my guide.

Any input is very appreciated!

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Jun 23, 2021
Frequent Bleeding After Starting Natural Progesterone Cream Two Months Ago
by: Joy

Hi Amanda

Where to start!  You are very much in Peri-Menopause.  Women start to enter PM from the age of 35 when progesterone levels start to drop.  Cysts and Fibroids are mainly caused from excess estrogen, fibroids are also caused from oxidative stress, you need to address the Inflammation that's going on in your body.  I used to be riddled with ovarian and breast cysts, I was on the Pill for a long time which obviously caused Estrogen Dominance.  The moment I stopped the Pill and started to use progesterone all my cysts cleared up and they have never returned.  

The lining build up in your uterus is caused by excess estrogen.  Such a pity you were not informed to cut the Prometrium caps open and mix with a good aqueous cream and then apply transdermally.  Oral progesterone is not the best DELIVERY METHOD as 96% gets destroyed by the gut and liver. Progesterone will 'clean out' the lining of your uterus which is a good thing.  It's that simple, yet doctors insist on performing a D&C why? when progesterone does the same job at a fraction of the cost and with NO side effects.

Whilst the late Dr John Lee was extremely knowledgeable when it came to progesterone, he was way off the mark regarding the amount to use. Between 100-200mg per day is needed.  It must be used no less than twice a day, half in the morning and the other half at night, this helps to keep progesterone levels stable.  There is nothing stopping you from using it during the day if needed, but make sure it's nothing less than twice a day.  This low dose is causing the problem.  You must accept unexpected bleeding when you first start with progesterone therapy while the body adjusts to progesterone provided you use it correctly.  Don't forget that during PM a women's monthly cycle does become erratic and no amount of progesterone or treatment of any kind will change that, it's nature's way unfortunately. Please read How to use Progesterone Cream.

Well done on using EWG Skin Deep products, you are heading in the right direction.

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