Fourth miscarriage

by Nicki

I have two children form my first marriage aged 12 and 11. I conceived them easily and had no problems in the pregnancies. I have been with my new husband for nearly four years and we have been trying for a baby of our own for 18 months.

The first time we lost the baby at just over 5 weeks. The second we got to 11 weeks and then found out the baby had died at 7 weeks. I had a eprc as there were alot of retained products. Number 3 was a chemical pregnancy.

I am now losing number four at just over 6 weeks.

We had blood tests done at the hospital and all the results are normal. I am 40, is this the main factor?

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Sep 10, 2008
Fourth miscarriage
by: Wray

Although you are older and progesterone levels start falling from the age of about 35 on, I don't think this is the reason. Judging by the fact you have no problem falling pregnant and the fact that blood tests show all is normal, but that you have recurrent miscarriages, I would say you were not making enough progesterone in the early critical weeks of pregnancy.

I'm rather surprised with so many miscarriages, that they didn't monitor you each time for progesterone levels. It is critical for a pregnancy to go to term, you should have had tests done and if it was found to be low, been given supplemental progesterone.

We do have a web page on all this, giving more info than I can give here, I will give you the link to it:
Can progesterone help with Conception and Fertility problems?
Do hope this helps.

Sep 11, 2008
Keep searching
by: Anonymous

I myself had three "normal" pregnancies and then I lost two both at sixteen weeks. We did all the tests and everything came back normal. Also, I had to deliver both babies and they both looked fine. At that time, my doctor said that they just didn't know.

Refusing to give up for an answer, I searched until I found a doctor who was trained in Spain and knew a lot about hormones. He said that my problem was low estrogen and progesterone. But, I told him that my progesterone had been checked and the other doctor said it was fine. He said he was going to do a different type of progesterone test and when he did it, it wasn't fine. He said that the older I got the more my hormones were declining and I was unable to carry the babies to full term because I had Hyperglycemia. I had always had the three hours test and it was normal, but when he did the five hour it wasn't.

Four years later, I got pregnant with my daughter he put me on a low dosage of estrogen and double shots of progesterone during my first trimester and everything was fine.

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