Found Research on Hormones & Moles - Melanoma

by elizabeth gallagher
(UK )

Hello Wray !

It's been a while since I have written and I suppose that means I am Okay on my 500mg of progesterone.

I have some bad days now and again but nothing like I was at 40 years old. I think regardless of your treatment menopause and peri will have tidal waves and symptoms will wax and wane.

Case in point: I have no had breast increasing or soreness for months despite being on the 500mg or progesterone. It may come back it may not.

I no longer bleed due to the dosage. Now and then, there is a bit of brown blood when I wipe but I have to really make a point of checking. I call them my period but it is essentially a minute droplet of blood.

Its hard to know when or if I have periods anymore which can be frustrating as I have PMS with no period and periods with no PMS so I can no longer say "Ahhh! So THAT"S why I was feeling ABC"

Anyway... I found this link as I was researching moles. I have had malignant melanoma in my early 30s and 4 months ago discovered a new mole on my wrist which I am seeing someone about tomorrow.
I have read that new moles after the age of 40 are unusual but I have also read that hormones effect the skin and cause moles to change or cause new moles to appear.

I wanted to see if there was a link to progesterone and melanoma or new moles, period.

I found this article in a forum. I cannot vouch for its accuracy, perhaps you can or indeed have already seen it.

Just wanted to share :)

Liz UK

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Jul 31, 2015
Found Research on Hormones & Moles - Melanoma
by: Joy

Hi Elizabeth

Ray Peat's article on progesterone and cancer is excellent, Wray refers to it often.

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