For grins and giggles: My quest for accurate measurement

by Debbie

I like to think of myself as fairly creative. The only teaspoons I have in my house are the pampered chef kind which are great for liquid or dry, but I didn't feel that it was good for cream. I found a medicine syringe with a rubber stopper that held 2 tsps also marked with ml. Perfect! however it was meant for liquid and had a narrow tube at the end. I was concerned that the cream would be too thick to fit through. I am going to give it a try. If I get too much I can squeeze it back in the tube. ( Oh the inventions I have thought up over the years, I could be on easy street if only I had pursued half of them) I was feeling quite pleased with myself. I filled it up, gave it a little push and "splat" it was all over the mirror, faucet, walls, countertop and my clean clothes sitting on the counter top. Well, so much for accuracy! Now the question is, how much did I waste? I squeezed out the rest in my hand, and then proceeded to scrape off the mirror as much as I could. I did use it. Not to be discouraged, I have cut the end off and going to try once more. Maybe I should just go buy regular teaspoons. Maybe somebody already makes a measurement syringe for cream? Maybe somebody out there has a better idea?

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Apr 21, 2012
For grins and giggles: My quest for accurate measurement
by: Wray

Hi Debbie Well you did give me a good laugh! I've never tried a syringe, although others have. Whether like you, it ended up over everything but where they wanted it, I don't know as they don't say. I do recommend the 'pampered' chef spoons, as they are reasonably accurate. One or two uses is generally enough to judge the amount without having recourse to them again. It's best to vary the amount with symptoms, I often rub on a bit more during the day. We do have measurements at the very bottom of our page How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

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