Follow Up question about heavy bleeding

by MC

Hello Again,

I recently wrote to you about my very heavy, prolonged peri-menopausal bleeding continuing to be problematic while on 200 mg oral progesterone. I took your advice and upped the dosage by applying it topically and the bleeding stopped. THANK YOU!!! My question relates to my dr. wanting me to stop the progesterone therapy for 5 days a month. I am wondering why this is necessary. At this point I am so afraid of bleeding again that I dread starting my 5 day break in a couple of days. Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated. Is the break designed to slough off the lining and by not taking a break am I risking the lining to thicken again?

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Oct 05, 2012
Follow Up question about heavy bleeding
by: Wray

Hi MC I'm so delighted it worked! Bless you for telling me. I wish doctors would stop giving oral progesterone, it's because it's a 'dose' and in pill form which is how they think. I told you most of it is destroyed, well this paper sums it up nicely, see here. And of course you don't have to stop the progesterone. The amount you're using is not sufficient to stop bleeding entirely, you will still get a period. Albeit probably very erratic now you're in peri-menopause. When I first discovered progesterone I was in P-M too, still with regular periods. But each time I stopped
for the customary 2 week break, all my symptoms came back. I asked Dr Dalton if I could use it daily, and she said yes, so I did and didn't look back. So much easier too, as you don't have to remember when to start it again. Oestrogen, and only oestrogen causes the lining to thicken. It's a mitogen which stimulates cells to proliferate. The amount of progesterone you're using is suppressing the excess oestrogen you were making, so the lining won't thicken. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

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