Fish oil And increased testosterone

by Susan jo
(New Jersey)

Hi Wray

Is fish oil really good for some women. I read it raises testosterone and lowers SHBG. In my opinion not a good thing. I just remembered my one supplement has it and noticed excess chin hair and other symptoms. This is my opinion on trying to increase progesterone. You say it stimulates testosterone first, which will increase estrogen (correct?)then you add fish oil to the mix, that is a double wammy. Now to further aggravate it all eating other foods that reduce SHBG would make symptoms worse add soooooo much harder to increase progesterone. So if that taking fish oil increases testosterone and decreases SHBG is true then your losing leverage to increasing progesterone which increases SHBG to reduce testosterone. So what im saying is at least for me no fish oil for now. Please advise if im wrong of course.

Thank you
Susan Jo

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Oct 29, 2015
Sort of an update
by: Susan Jo

Hi Wray and anyone else,

I stopped all the above and actually went back to stopping most supplements for now but only using progesterone cream. Today is first day no supplements lol mainly because I forgot..maybe my mind telling my body to heal with just food meaning since been sick with infection it put me in a adrenal fatigue stage (extreme) as well as almost IMO close to death. In that state it was hard to eat.. I feel like I need more time to heal and when I add supplements it makes my body feel more tired. Now yesterday I was taking all my supplements but this time start vit d again with the same overwhelming symptoms I get with vit d. So as of the supplements I list in my first post anyone have there input/opinion. So right now im using at 2000mgs a day progesterone and feeling better. In about a week I will try adding my supplements back.

Thank you
Susan Jo

Oct 30, 2015
Typo fix
by: Susan Jo

Hello Wray

I wrote above that im up to 2000 mgs progesterone cream it is 200 mgs. The other day I added some vitamin d in to see what happens and I felt like crap. When I stop all supplements except progesterone cream I feel good so not sure what to think.

Thank you
Susan Jo

Nov 10, 2015
by: Susan Jo

Hi all

Well I guess nobody has the same reaction as I do to above supplements. I have experimented with vit d and mag. I took with other supplements and alone and know its the vit d and mag that make me feel really ill. I was feeling really good with progesterone and my other supplements ( mind you I do get a little ill with multis but they do have the 2 supplements in it). I'm not putting them down but this is what my thoughts about them again ( vit d, mag, fish oil, zinc) is that they all increase testosterone

article 1

article 2

article 3

They say magnesium increases Igf-1. So in my opinion I believe I have very high testosterone. Since stopping the above supplements and just using progesterone alone with mostly vit c and some b's is working very well. I plan on getting the other antioxidant supplements but plan on reading more about them first.

Thank you
Susan Jo

Mar 26, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hi, what progesterone cream do you use please ?

Mar 27, 2018
by: Joy

You might like to order Natpro Progesterone Cream

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