first time with progesterone cream

im 34 years old, Had a cyst removed from my right ovary in Sept, the doctor also found a Little endometriosis, less than a cm. i was surprise because im very regular in my cicles and i dont have any cramps or pain, etc.

He put me in Lupron (pseudo menopouse), for 2 months (oct-nov) nothing in Dic, and said i was suppost to have my period back afer all this months in January 6th, but i havent, My husband and I want to get pregnet as son as we can, but need to get my period back, i was Reading about the wild yam and one thing brough to another, found Dr lee information about progesterone cream, and then i found your page and order 2 bottles. i live in Mex. so maybe is going to take very long, hope not!!! question is how im going to use the cream if i havent had my period yet? can the cream help to get my period?.

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Jan 16, 2015
first time with progesterone cream
by: Wray

Hi there Please read our page on Ovarian Cysts. They do respond to progesterone, but it could be you lack iodine as a lack of this causes cysts in both the ovaries and in the Breasts. Iodine is a particularly important mineral for pregnancy. Pity about the Lupron, so unnecessary, as you'll see if you look through our page on Endometriosis. A period is not necessary for conception, ovulation is. Please read our page on Pregnancy, and another we have here. They gives advice on How to use Progesterone Cream. Take care Wray

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