First time using progesterone cream

by Jackie
(Hampstead, NC, US)

I started using progesterone cream for the first time this month. I started on day 12 of my 24 day cycle, which was 2 dpo. I used about 1/4 tsp at night only. I had light spotting for a day about 9 dpo. I stopped using it on day 28. My period is now 10 days late with a neg hpt on day 29. How long does it take for a period to come back?

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Sep 18, 2017
First time using progesterone cream
by: Joy

Hi Jackie

Unfortunately you have not been advised on how to use progesterone cream correctly. You also do not state what progesterone cream you are using, there are many on the market today and they are all different.

If you have regular periods, then the cream should be used from ovulation, for the last 14 days of the cycle. Nothing less that 100mg of progesterone is needed per day, more if symptoms are severe. If your cream is not a 3.33% cream you will need to use much more. It should be used no less than twice a day, using only once a day is incorrect. The reason for this is to keep progesterone levels stable at all times.

When first using progesterone cream it does disrupt the monthly cycle even if the correct amount and cream is being used. The amount that you are using is just enough to aggravate your estrogen receptors, not what any woman needs. It can take between 2-6 months, sometimes longer, of the correct use, before the body adjusts and progesterone has become dominant. The How to use Progesterone Cream and Estrogen Dominance pages listed below will explain things in more detail.

What is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. Co-factors are needed.

Please read these pages and the references.

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance

Vitamin D3


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