Find your Individual guide for your Hormones

by Vivian Riggan
(Houston Texas)

Too much progesterone made my hair thin because some of progesterone can turn into testosterone.
After menopause you need both progesterone and Estradiol, you will see difference in how you look and feel.

Too much progesterone is not good it blocks some of the Estradiol.

I had my Uterus removed at age 28 and kept my ovaries, I have been taking estradiol and progesterone for 30 Years and look half my age.
You have more that one hormone and you need both estradiol and progesterone.
All these people say just take progesterone do not know what they are talking about.
Progesterone is your protection and for your bones and sleep.
Estradiol is what makes you have your female shape and good skin

Do some searching and reading to educate yourself about hormones.
Yes you can be tested, but that is only for a starting point, no test is going to be completely accurate, you have to also go by how you feel and look.
Also the same does all the time does not always the same, some time you have to go up or down


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Nov 12, 2018
Re Vivian Riggan post
by: Lori

I’d love to ask Vivian Riggan a few questions about her experience with the hormones any way I can contact her

Nov 25, 2018
What when you’re trying too detox too much estrogen, I’m taking DIM
by: Nikki

Do I still need to take estradiol if I’m taking DIM, DHEA and Estrogen cream?

Nov 27, 2018
Too much progesterone
by: BubbyM

I agree with Vivian. I had to stop progesterone cream (20-40mg daily) for 2 months due to developing SVT, Supra ventricular tachycardia with PVCs.
After stopping the progesterone my symptoms improved significantly.
Do your research, progesterone causes cardiac issues in many people who are sensitive. Also estradiol is essential for heart, mood, skin, etc health.
I am now working with a PharmD to try to reintroduce progesterone at a lower's a balancing challenge.

Nov 27, 2018
Bioidentical Hormones
by: Meldene

This is a question to Vivian Riggan...I enjoyed your comments regarding progesterone. My testosterone has been running high and also have been losing more hair when I wash it. I also had my uterus removed at age 25 but ovaries were kept.
I presently am on estrodiol, progesterone, testosterone (very low dose)and DHEA.
May I ask if you take your hormones by cream or pill?

Nov 28, 2018
Estrogen is essential
by: Sharon H.

I'm 51 and started menopause at 50. Cycles were sporadic. Hot flashes were every hour on the hour and heart palpitations were 20 hours out of the day. I tried only progesterone for 6 months all natural creams organic of course. Insomnia was horrific.

I got on bio identical hormones made a life changing difference. I'm the person who needs a very small dose of biest. I tried just estradiol for a while. I needed biest. Because the other did not work for me at all. You have to tray what works for you. My diet is very clean. I'm all organic. Very limited plastic in my use. So my xenoestrogens are greatly reduced to prevent them turning into bad estrogenic substances. I've tried only progesterone high doses too to see if my body would kick in to make its own. It did not. Too much progesterone is not good. Do your research. If course everyone is different. Your adrenals need tested to see if you can make your hormones if any. If not, treat your adrenals which, helps tremendously. My vit D is always between 60-90 which is not bad. Trying to get that stability in check. Some estrogen is need to have a healthy brain, particularly your heart. My palpitations stopped when I got back on a small amount. I could take more, but I'm trying to build my adrenals to help to kick in to make that small amount. I still have some hot flashes every and mild insomnia. But it is something I can deal with for now.

Everyone is different how they process their hormones. I have a sister who is not on anything. She is on a beta blocker for her heart. Some estrogen could help this but she won't do it. She has horrible insomnia from low hormones. The side effects from the heart meds are awful.


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