Finally Doctor helps me with menopause

by Rita Plourde
(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

I have had menopause symptoms for over 2 years and they made my life miserable. No more periods for a year now and was trying everything from natural products to diets to no success. After begging my doctor to give me something, anything, for my symptons of not sleeping, depression, tiredness, grouchyness, crying, feeling sorry for myself. At first he gave me water pills, sleeping pills, high blood pressure pills and well my blood pressure went down, that's it.

Finally I freaked out on him and like I was possesed or something and told him I would rather be dead than go through what is happening to me. He prescribed me progesterone 100mg and estradio-17 1mg and, guess what, after 2 weeks my symptons have lessened to half and I am blothed but I at least sleep half the night now. My problem is doctors are far from knowing what a menopausal woman goes through and they always have this excuse that it causes breast cancer. Well in my opinion there is a sucessful treatment for breast cancer but with menopause they make you suffer too long. Thanks.

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Apr 01, 2009
Finally Doctor helps me with menopause
by: Wray

Hi Rita. Well I'm glad you persevered, but such a pity you had to, most of us have to though. The bloating you have will be caused by the oestrogen you're taking, oestrogen causes water retention. If you are taking oral progesterone most of it is lost as it passes through the gut and the liver. Please see the papers below:

Injections, vaginal suppositories and creams are far more effective and put no strain on the liver. Take care, Wray.

Oct 05, 2010
Need help with this menopause
by: Anne

I am 32 and last year April till date I have not been ovulating and also my menstration stopped. I have major symptoms of menopause, am scared, I need to have children. Please help me.

Oct 09, 2010
Need help with this menopause
by: Wray

Hi Anne Although you say you've stopped ovulating and menstruating, this can be caused by other things besides menopause. For instance in PCOS ovulation and bleeding stops in many women, have you been checked for this? For more info please see our page on PCOS. It could be your pituitary is not producing enough FSH to stimulate a follicle to form. Or one does form, but the pituitary doesn't make enough LH to cause ovulation. The hypothalamus could be involved too, as this regulates the pituitary. High prolactin suppresses ovulation, high oestrogen or testosterone too. Stress stops ovulation, there are so many things which can upset the cycle. It could be your ovaries are malfunctioning due to oxidative stress, this is often nothing more than a lack of vitamin D. Please have a test done, and for more info please see the Vitamin D council website. A lack of antioxidants in the diet causes oxidative stress too, processed foods is another cause. The only way to confirm what is happening, including menopause, is to have tests done. Please consider doing this, because until you do know what's causing it, it's impossible to know what course to take. Take care Wray

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