Fibroids, Cysts, Terrible Fatigue and much more. Please help!

by Anne

Hello Wray,

History as of January 2015. I am currently 45 years old.

Left side ovarian dermoid cyst removed at age 16. Birth control until early 20’s. Grew up with the Standard American Diet. Diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and chronic fatigue syndrome in mid-thirties. Been infertile. Diagnosed with four fibroids about six years ago with heavy bleeding and fatigue. Started a whole foods Ketogenic diet. Improved for two years and then worsened. Fatigue throughout the following years, 32 fibroids and right side ovarian dermoid cyst removed via myomectomy in September 2013. Anemia at the time. Basically bed ridden on and off for a year before the myomectomy. May, 2014 eight months after surgery, severe fatigue, vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, hot flashes, pinched nerves, feeling hung over even though I do not drink. (Many of these symptoms occurred on an off actually since 6 years previous.)

Wondered if I was peri-menopausal. Saliva tests showed estrogen dominance. Started bioidentical progesterone with script from a D.O. Most symptoms improved by maybe 50%. December salvia tests showed no longer estrogen dominant, even estrogen is a bit low now but stayed on Progesterone dose as I would have symptoms if I lowered it. Continue on 15 mg days 1-15, 40 mg days 16-27.

In October 2014, confirmed I had a right ovarian cyst rupture and 15 new very small fibroids. Hair loss started two months previous. Ugh. Started 50 mg Iodoral and companion nutrients recommended at 1 ½ months ago after bad uterine pain (thought fibroids could be growing) and continued for four weeks with a lot of improvements especially energy. Then thyroid started hurting. Told this was Bromide Detox. Lowered dose. Thyroid still hurts a little on and off. Either cold feet or hands. Very tired. Slight pain in right ovary area occasionally since being off iodoral.

We eat very clean on basically a Paleo type diet although now I realize I need to elimate black beans and navy beans if they contain phytoestrogens. I don’t use any chemicals for cleaning and even use the purest products for shampoo etc.

Update: March, 2015
Been taking small doses of iodine and off but puts me into Bromide detox so this is not going to help at this point. Diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroid which I think I have had for years. I have a myriad of other symptoms that I won’t go into. My score from your questionnaire was 32.

Recently, I accidently DID NOT raise my Progesterone to the 40 mgs dose for three days. I was three days late on starting this upper dose. This lack of progesterone threw me back into vertigo, nausea and even worse fatigue. Obviously, it was because of the lack of Progesterone! I Googled dizziness and progesterone.

Wray, this eventually lead me to your website and now I am wondering if I am still Estrogen Dominant.

My question is, what dose of Progesterone should I start with since I have been on it since last June, 2014. Should I even go beyond the 200 mgs? Help! I love to get my energy back. I am basically homebound and feeling miserable.

Thank you,

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Mar 18, 2015
Fibroids, Cysts, Terrible Fatigue and much more. Please help!
by: Wray

Hi Anne For starters you are in Peri-menopause, unless your mother went into Menopause age 60! Daughters tend to follow mothers. A keto diet is something I advocate, or the Paleo. Maybe you weren't eating enough protein on the keto as it's quite restrictive? The amino acid taurine is often lacking if not eating enough protein, and a lack of this can be a cause of fibroids, see here. I would really recommend increasing the amount of progesterone to the 200mg/day as you suggest, certainly to begin with. And using that amount daily for at least 3 months if not longer, through any bleeding you might have. Get your Vitamin D level checked too. Look at our pages on How to use Progesterone Cream and Menstruation. Have a look at our page on Insulin Resistance too, it might help with the tiredness, although it seems yours is hormone related. Take care Wray

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