fetal movement

by cindy

So ive been taking progesterone orally since six weeks. This is my second pregnancy however with my first ive suffered a miscarriage. I thought I was feeling movements at almost ten weks. It felt like popcorn popping in slow motion lol. Ive read that this can be way too early and told I must be feeling gas. However as my pregnancy progresses (I am now almost 12 weeks) I can feel it more often and slightly stronger. But im sure this is what im feeling. Ive read that second and third time moms can feel movements as early as 13 weeks do to the fact that the muscles and ligaments loosen up sooner. Ive also read that progesterone is what causes some if the loosening. So do you think that makes i possible for women taking progesterone to feel.movements much earlier? At my last appointment(10 weeks) the nurse asked me if I had felt movements yet and I told her since ill be a first time mom im not sure thats what ive felt. She told me if ive never felt it before its probably the baby. So this leads me to think that yes it is? Do you have more insight? Oh and my progesterone levels were just barely in the regular range but they prescibed the oral supplements just to be safe with my history of miscarriage.

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