Feeling the shift

Hello. I am 41 and have been feeling the shift of hormones for about 2 years. For my entire life I had a very regular cycle. 28 days 6-7 days of bleeding. Never spotted and no pms ( no contraceptive pill used either). However about 2 yrs ago I started spotting around ovulation. Then cycle went to 21 days and the last year I've had spotting at various times outside the period sometimes heavy bleading and clotting for a few days as well ( not every cycle maybe 4 over the last year). Three months the ago my periods started lasting 2 weeks so I just started using progesterone cream last month. Immediately I felt calmer and stopped the night sweats. This month my period was 7 days instead of two weeks with some light spotting after that (only when wiping a few times a day). However on day 13 of my cycle I had heavy bleeding (more than period bleeding) and clotting. (Going through two tampons and a large pad in a few hours). This only lasted 24 hours thankfully. I am taking 20g in am and 20 again at night. I feel like the cream has helped with symptoms (2 wk period is gone and night sweats and mood swings are gone) but should this heavy bleeding go away too? I read on your site that maybe I should take 100 mg per day vs the 40 I am taking. Would this help the bleeding outside of period to go away? Or do I need to just give it more time at 40 mg first. This is only month 2 on the cream.
Thank you for all the insight on this site!!!

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Nov 24, 2013
Feeling the shift
by: Wray

Hi there Thanks for the kind words about the site. You do need to use more cream as it can help heavy bleeding. Try the 100mg/day and see if it works. Sometimes the progesterone needs assistance, and there are a few nutrients which will. They are vitamin D, taurine, N-acetyl cysteine and the bioflavonoids. There’s more info about them on our Menstruation page. But please have a Peri-menopause, or about to enter it. And we do have more info on page How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

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