feeling pulse throughout my body, major swelling (edema) and exhaustion

by Tracey

I'm 52--no periods for 8 months plus. Did 150 mg of oral progesterone and increased to 200mg. I began having more hot flashes and felt worse. Added estrogen vivelle patch--ended up with breast lump. So I stopped all meds for 3 months.

Decided to start again with JUST the 150 mg of progesterone. Now, I have major swelling in legs, feet. To the point where it hurts to walk. I still exercise 3 x week (bootcamp). I eat healthy too. Despite that, the swelling persist and I can daily feel my pulse in my legs, chest, everywhere. It's a horrible feeling. My clothes don't fit. I feel exhausted beyond words.

I'm in a state of depression and can hardly function. Can anyone relate or shed some light on what to do?



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