Feeling ill from meat and progesterone

by Kokachin

Hello! I had a blood test done of my progesterone and estradiol and I was deficient in progesterone, I also had a very obvious imbalance between the two hormones, and was evidently estrogen dominant. I have a bunch of the estrogen dominance symptoms that have made my life quality suffer so I started with the progesterone therapy that I've been on for two months now. I take natural sources progesterone. It's bio identical USP progesterone from soy. I was on 400 mg daily the first month to avoid estrogen dominance and I've been on 200 mg daily for the last month and I haven't had relief of my symptoms as of yet (only my mood is slightly better but the daily migraines, pms, cramps and everything that is making life harder for me is still very much present). Lately I've started to feel ill from meat and I can't eat it anymore, does that mean that I've taken too much progesterone and should lower my dose? Or does it mean that my hormones are beginning to even themselves out? I'm worried I might be taking too much, but I also don't want to take too little and never overcome the imbalance. I'm otherwise a healthy 22 year old and my vitamin D3 serum level is great (230nmol) and so is my b12(700pmol) , if that's relevant. I've also had pretty much every other blood test run and everything looks fine. Do you think I should lower my dose?
I'd appreciate your kind advice xo

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