Feeling better already!

by CJS
(Perth Western Australia)

Like others I was feeling overwelmed and stressed all of the time, I am 49 with 4 children, I generally have taken much of life's ups and downs in my stride but for the last 12 months this has changed!

I have been to Drs blood tests were all good, except low testosterone, Vit D and B12. They started me on troches of Dhea, Progesterone and testosterone I thought they helped at first but eventually found I was feeling more stressed and anxious than before! I started researching (I am a nurse) and came upon your website, had all the symptoms, scored 41 on the questionaire and ordered my first tubes of Natpro.

I believe I am feeling better, less hysterical and worried about everything. I have been using it for a month twice a day. Is this okay or should I wait until after ovulation? I am just desparate to continue this calmer "more myself" sort of feeling. Thx so much for the opportunity to ask for help.

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Sep 25, 2011
I fell the same way!
by: Gina

I am also 49 and feel the same way. I have two children and have always been very active and happy. A few years ago I became very anxious for no reason. I also could not handle any stress. I fell apart. I thought I ways having a total body breakdown. I recently started taking natural progesterone by troche but am anxiuos to try the cream. Not sure how to convert what I am taking to cream amount. But the food news is I too am feeling less stressed and more in contro. No longer want to kill myself, really! My kids thought I was nuts. I was a totaly different person. I so not want to take a break from this stuff as I finally feel better after 5 years of insanity. I will be watching for an answer. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Take care.

Nov 20, 2011
Feeling Better Already
by: Joy (South Africa)

Hi CJS and Gina - perhaps I can help a little until Wray responds. I know that Wray is not in favour of DHEA and testosterone! Torches, pills and drops are not the most affective way of using progesterone. Creams, injections and suppositories are! 70% of progesterone taken in pill form is destroyed by the gut and liver. Your decision to use Natpro is a good one. As you are both in the peri-menopause stage it is recommended that you use the cream every day without stopping, 100mg - 200mg is the preferred dose however, depending on symptoms as much as 400mg - 600mg maybe needed.
Stress of any kind destroys progesterone, so when stressed use more cream. Please could you both have a Vitamin D test done as a deficiency can lead to a number of health issues, vitamin D also aids the absorption of progesterone in our bodies.
Hope this helps.

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