extreme migraines, fatigue depression anxiety weight gain

by Ann
(dallas , tx)

After the birth of my two children I developed such extreme symtoms 5 years ago. It started a week before my period extreme exhaustion fatigue depression and anxiety and then when the mensus arrived it would all alleviate. Unfortunately, it has gotten much worse.I went from having 6-7 day periods and then had exptreme blood loss. My periods are now only 2-3 days with regular bleeding . Fast forward 5 years and now i have the migraines when i ovulate and also when i mensus. i do not feel well and only have energy the week of my period. I know this is all progesterone related. i was put on 25 mg oral progesterone days 15-28 but the third day of my period it all starts again. What would you suggest dosing to help me gain a normal life again and not always be in bed?

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May 25, 2012
extreme migraines, fatigue depression anxiety weight gain
by: Wray

Hi Ann You are right, the timing is typical of progesterone withdrawal the few days before your period. Plus you are not getting the surge of progesterone during the 50 hours proceeding ovulation, see here, here, here and here. This surge does not seem to be known by most doctors. It comes from the brain, and is essential to counter the oestrogen surge, which also occurs then. You are not using enough progesterone, pus it's oral which is the least effective Delivery system. I recommend 100-200mg/day, more if symptoms are severe. But it must be in a form which is absorbed well, ie injections, suppositories or a cream. If symptoms are severe I always suggest using the progesterone daily, through any bleeding, for 2-3 months, or until stable. Once stability is reached, the progesterone can be stopped when bleeding occurs, and resumed again at ovulation. We do have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. If you do switch to a more absorbable form, and increase the amount too, please read our page on Oestrogen Dominance as this can occur. Progesterone does help migraines, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Take care Wray

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