"Extra" periods and use of progesterone cream

I'm clearly entering the pre-menopause phase, as my cycles seem to be all over the place. I am 48 this year, and have used progesterone cream on prescription (1,7 % made at pharmacy after dr. Lee's receipe) for about ten years. In the beginning it got my periods right back on 28 day cycles (up until my late 30s I was spot on time every month), but the last couple of years it's been 25-26. I have stopped using the cream when I got my period, and started again 12 days after. But the last year or so I've had some "extra" periods in between. Not just spotting, full bleedings for 4-5 days, and they come right in between two ordinary periods. I have so far stopped progesterone when the bleeding comes, but then it starts up again two weeks after anyway. It then goes on in 25-26 days cycles for a while, before a new "extra". Should I just keep on using the cream through the "extra" periods and stick to the main cycle? I feel much better in every way when using it, so I really don't want to go for too long without it. I've seen some say to use it every day without breaks in pre-menopause too, so I'm really confused.

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Mar 02, 2013
"Extra" periods and use of progesterone cream
by: Wray

Hi there Yes you are in Peri-menopause now, when cycles become so erratic they're impossible to follow. I'm surprised your pharmacy hasn't told you to use it daily, I certainly suggest this. We're always advised to take a break, something I don't advise, because when would you take it? So use it daily through any bleeding. It makes the transition to Menopause easy too, when I don't recommend a break either. Take care Wray

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