Excessive bleeding and progesterone

by Annette

I used progesterone from a formulating apothecary in an oil base I put under my tongue. I had to work on getting the right dose because I would break out with acne if the dose was too high.

It worked great to control hot flashes and did help regulate my periods. But last December I had a uterine ablation with D&C for a large fibroid. Now I no longer have periods and a new doctor wants me to go off the progesterone. I think I should stay on it. Am I right? She said that hormone therapy has been found to be harmful.

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Nov 03, 2008
Excessive bleeding and progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Annette Your doctor is right about hormone therapy being harmful, but as with many doctors, they think progesterone is the same as the progestins, the synthetic progesterones. These come with many adverse side affects, progesterone doesn't. If it did, every pregnant woman would be seriously ill as we make up to 50 times the monthly amount when pregnant!

If the progesterone helped you I would continue to use it. Incidentally it does eventually cause fibroids to be reabsorbed into the system, but it does take time and a relatively high dose. The acne would have been caused by oestrogen, as initially progesterone activates the oestrogen receptors, so making oestrogen more active in the body.

We do have a web page on fibroids and another on oestrogen dominance which you might like to read. The links are below:

Can progesterone help reduce or get rid of Fibroids?

Estrogen dominance

You might prefer to try a cream, rather than the oil, it's much easier to use! Wonderful for the skin too.

How to use progesterone cream:

Dec 07, 2008
What is considered "Natural" Progesterone?
by: Info Request

I have been reading a great deal about progesterone, however, I am not sure I understand how to determine whether or not a progesterone cream really has "Natural" progesterone or a synthetic. Can you please explain?

I see products with USP Progesterone and I understand that is the United States Pharmaceutical rated Progesterone but I still don't feel comfortable with that. To me that is made in a lab therefore, could it also be disguised as a synthetic? I have also seen wild mexican yam cream which I have read is not what they originally thought it was within the progesterone family. Apparently, it does not breakdown properly to create progesterone.

Please shed some light on this. I have some family members who are using different creams with some of these ingredients and I would like to share any additional information on this issue. thanks

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