Excessive bleeding and progesterone

by Chantal
(Spruce Grove , Alberta Canada)

I was putting on 200mg a day for 10 days. I have had excessive bleeding for a month and a half now. This is supposed to stop the bleeding and it hasn't. Why did my doctor give it to me ?

I am 32 and found out a few months ago I had a cyst on my ovary. Could this be causing the bleeding? I was also on the Depo-Provera shot for 13 years. After I got of it I didn't have a period for a year. Then it came back and now I am dealing with a very heavy flow I have to change my tampon every 10 minutes. This has been going on for a month and a half. What is this pill suppose to be doing for me?

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Oct 05, 2008
Excessive bleeding and progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Chantal I would have to know a bit more to help you, but it seems you've been given oral progesterone. Although 200mg is a good dose, up to 90% is destroyed as it passes through the gut and liver, leaving you with very little. It also puts a strain on the liver which has to metabolise it.

For progesterone to work it has to be used from ovulation or the last 14 days of the cycle. Are you using it like this, or every day? If every day it would upset your cycle. It also seems you don't have a cycle to follow? If this is the case, it would be necessary to choose a cycle to begin with and follow that. I would suggest a 28 day cycle.

We do have a web page on how to use the cream, as it would be far better to use that or suppositories/pessaries. I can assure you progesterone in cream or suppository form does work for excessive bleeding.

How to use progesterone cream:

Hope this helps, take care Wray

May 31, 2012
by: Krenda

I have been seeing a homeopathic chiropractor and he told me that my estrogen/progesterone ratio was 6 which means that I am very estrogen dominant. He gave me cream and said to put a 1/4 teaspoon on morning and night, which has sent me into this awful bleeding. I told him that I didn't think that it was enough, he agreed and told me to triple the dose. Still there is no improvement. I said I should do more and he seems to think that it would send my body out of whack the other way, but my gut is telling me that is exactly what i need. i guess my question is, do I keep adding more daily or do i just jump to a really high dose? If this works, how long do I stay at the high dose before I start to drop it? I am thinking that I will need to stay on progesterone every day for a few months before I worry about having periods, but I am just not sure what to do!Can someone give me advice?

Jun 02, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Krenda Your gut is right, you do need to increase the amount. But I don't know how much you are currently using. I've found heavy bleeding needs about 400mg/day progesterone, you might need less it's difficult to say. Please consider taking 2000mg/day NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) too, this inhibits the MMPs which cause the heavy bleeding. There's more info on our pages about Menstruation and Progesterone Misconceptions. I've found increasing gradually does not help, using a high amount initially does, so I suggest you jump to a high amount. And you are right about using it daily too, I often recommend this if symptoms are severe. No harm is done, and it does prevent oestrogen rising each time you stop. Once you feel stable you can begin following your cycle again, see How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Jun 03, 2012
One more question
by: Krenda

Thanks for answering me so quick! Once I have stopped the bleeding, do you stay on 400 mg a day for a couple of months or do you gradually lower the dose to a more reasonable dose? I am just not sure how long to stay with it so high, if you can start lowering it or not.They say to switch where you are putting it, but at the high dose it is so much cream I am afraid I will do it wrong! I only have so much body!

Jun 04, 2012
One more question
by: Wray

Hi Krenda Once the bleeding has stopped you can begin reducing the amount slowly, over a few weeks. Reducing too quickly causes symptoms to return. I forgot to ask you how old you were, as it seems you could be in Peri-menopause? If you are and your cycles have become erratic, it's best to use the progesterone daily from now on. It's impossible to follow them. If you're not, then once you've reduced the amount to the optimum you can begin following your cycle again. I gave you the page on progesterone misconceptions, it has info about where to put the cream. Take care Wray

Jun 04, 2012
by: krenda

Thanks Wray, I actually just turned 32 and I have literally never had a normal cycle since I was 14 years old. I got married when I was 19 and started a journey of birth control and fertility drugs because I thought that was the only option to have kids. I was diagnosed with PCOS and told that nothing would get rid of it and to just deal with it and take the drugs if I wanted children. I have three wonderful kids, but have learned a whole bunch of stuff and that's why I went to this doctor to heal my body and become symptom free from PCOS. I would like one more child, but I am going to do it the right way this time! I have been supplementing with a ton of vitamins that I was deficiant in and I have an immaculate diet for what my body is sensitive to. The only thing that has been hard is the bleeding, I think this is a first for the doctor to have to use this much progesterone cream too. Even though it's been tough, I believe that my bleeding is an indicator that my body is waking up and it just takes time to heal from the trauma it has been through! How long does it usually take to stop the bleeding on the high dose? A couple of days, or a week or so? Just wondering, thanks, Kendra

Jun 06, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Krenda Ah I now understand the cycle problems, you didn't mention PCOS before. You do need very high doses of certain nutrients, all listed on the page. Probably the most important is vitamin D, please have a test done. There's info on the PCOS page about this. I wish I could tell you how long, it's the question I'm always asked about any problem, I don't know. You might like to read this page here. Progesterone alone can sometimes stop it, but I feel it's essential to take the cysteine too. It's also one of the nutrients needed in high doses for PCOS. Vitamin K2 is often low if bleeding is heavy, that would be something to consider too. And if interested in having another child, we do have a page on Pregnancy. Take care Wray

Jun 11, 2012
by: Krenda

Hi Wray, I wanted to tell you that I upped the dose to the 400 mg and it has almost stopped the bleeding. The heavy bleeding has stopped for sure, now I am just having some breakthrough bleeding when I wake up. It's always when I wake up, there is some blood, I put my morning dose on and in a few hours I am not bleeding anymore, I put the exact dose on at night and I am finding blood when I wake. Is this something that will sort itself out or am I needing to up the dose even more? I feel like I am bathing in this cream! I plan on staying on it for a few months everyday and then will hopefully be able to start giving myself a cycle for the first time in my life! Thanks for your help, Krenda

Jun 12, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Krenda I'm delighted this has happened. I don't think you should increase the amount, but do feel you should be taking the NAC, plus all the other antioxidants mentioned on the PCOS page. You've only just increased the amount, so it's amazing it's helped so quickly, the breakthrough bleeding should settle down. How long it will take I've no idea. You really do need to take the NAC too. If you feel you're bathing in the cream, it's evidently a low strength cream, you might like to look at the one we make here. Please have that vitamin D test done. Take care Wray

Jun 21, 2012
by: Krenda

Hi Wray, I told you that the 400 mg of progesterone cream stopped the heavy bleeding and I was now just having some spotting. This has been the case for about ten days or so and all of a sudden yesterday I started bleeding heavier, not like I was, but it is now continuous. I am wondering if it is possible to have a period while I am on progesterone everyday. I have lost 37 pounds since May 2, I am not eating grains, I am supplementing with all the vitamins i am deficiant in and I am exercising joke! I feel I am coming at this from every angle I can, so I am wondering if my body could be kicking in and starting to try to have a cycle or in your opinion is this still just abnormal bleeding that is occurring? Should I just stay on the 400mg through all of this bleeding or should I go off, have a withdrawal bleed and start a 28 day cycle going? Thanks for your help! Krenda

Jun 25, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Krenda It is possible to have a period when using progesterone daily. Although I generally find it doesn't occur on 400mg/day and over. But you have been spotting too which means your lining is still weak and inflamed. Are you taking the NAC, as this will strengthen it and help stop the spotting/bleeding. I believe you are having a period. It might be an idea to stop the progesterone and see what happens. My only concern is Oestrogen Dominance, please watch for any symptoms. And if the bleeding doesn't stop in the normal ±5 days, I suggest you start using it again. But please take the NAC too, no embryo will embed in your lining if it continues to spot or bleed. You say you're taking all the vitamins you're deficient in, which is wonderful, but are you taking the aminos too, and the vitamin D? I'm so delighted you've lost so much weight, you are obviously doing all the right things, but we need to heal that lining. If the bleeding does stop on it's own, without resorting to the progesterone, then start it again on day 14-15 and use it for the next 14 days. I suggest still staying on the 400mg/day while you adjust things. All being well, your own cycle should assert itself in time. The next thing will be to check for ovulation, the best is a mini microscope, details about this on the Pregnancy page. Take care Wray

Jul 16, 2012
It's been awhile
by: Krenda

Hi Wray, I just wanted to tell you that i stayed on the 400 mg of cream for 2 months straight and i have been feeling really good. My bleeding stopped right after the last time I talked to you and I did not spot at all! I decided to start creating a cycle so I stopped the cream and wanted a withdrawal bleed to happen. I have been off of it for about 4 days and I have had some bleeding but definately not continuous. I have never had a withdrawal bleed with the long should I give it before I worry that something is wrong? Two months ago I couldn't stop bleeding and now I can't start. I am not sure what day to count as day one because I have had some bleeding but not at all continuous. i have continued with my diet and vitamins and I did order the PCOS formula, and I am also taking 5000IU more of vitamin D3 on top of this, so I feel I am covered in the supplementation. I just wasn't sure on the time frame for a withdrawal bleed. I know that I am not pregnant, so that is not an option. I love your advice, so I guess I am asking for more! Thanks, Krenda

Jul 17, 2012
It's been awhile
by: Wray

Hi Krenda I'm so delighted the high amount finally worked! If you want a cycle to start, you should wait until ovulation before starting the progesterone again. But it could be you won't ovulate in the first month off it, difficult to tell. As you've never had a proper cycle before, the 28 day we chose is still the best option to follow. So only start using it again on day 14/15. Don't worry about the small amount of blood, you've been using high amounts of progesterone which suppresses the oestrogen. It's oestrogen which causes the lining to grow, very little oestrogen, very little lining, very little blood! Day 1 would be the day you stopped the progesterone, you say about 4 days ago, so another ±10 before you start again. I'm so pleased you're taking all those nutrients, they are so vital for healing. Keep a watch for any adverse symptoms in the next 10 days. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

Aug 28, 2012
Hello again!
by: Krenda

So I have been creating a 28 day cycle for the last two months with the progesterone cream. Last month I started to bleed, not spot, about 11 days after I started the cream, so I just stopped and had a withdrawal bleed. It was very light which tells me that my estrogen is still under control. This month I have only been on the progesterone for 8 days and I am starting to bleed again. I honestly thought I was pregnant, I started using the ovulation microscope this month on day 10 of my cycle, saw the ferning pattern, so I thought I was ovulating, I saw some faint blood yesterday and my breast are incredibly tender, so I thought pregnancy, but today started bleeding, and I am still seeing ferning on day 21, 22 of my cycle. Is this a 21 day cycle exerting itself or is my estrogen still way too high and I am not using enough progesterone in the 14 days I am suppose to. I am using 160 mg a day and I am still bleeding. If it is the estrogen, then why are my withdrawal bleeds so light, wouldn't they be heavier? I am confused! Will you give me some advice on what to do and how much cream to use in those fourteen days? Also, with the microscope, will I just keep testing positive with my estrogen dominance? I am very scared about using too much cream and messing with any ovulation, because I want to be pregnant so bad, so just not sure on the dose. Thanks have helped me so much!

Aug 30, 2012
Hello again!
by: Wray

Hi Krenda I'm pleased you are now trying to follow a cycle. But it does take time to settle down, so please be patient. The Breast Tenderness is due to progesterone withdrawal prior to bleeding, leaving oestrogen dominant. It's difficult to say if your normal cycle is 21 days, my daughter has one this short. You could try increasing the progesterone to say 200mg/day during the last 7 days of the luteal phase, and see if this helps to extend it. It seems if you are still bleeding you do need more progesterone. I hope the above advice does work. The progesterone has obviously suppressed excess oestrogen, hence the light bleeding as the lining didn't build up excessively. But it's the MMPs which break down the lining, progesterone normally suppresses these too, but possibly you need more progesterone for this. There's more info about the MMPs on our Menstruation page. I'm not entirely sure about the continual ferning pattern you're seeing, and would ask you to write to the manufacturers to get more clarity on how their microscope works. Take care Wray

Sep 15, 2013
High Dose Natural Progesterone to stop post menopausal bleeding-is this a successful therapy
by: Judy

I am 62 and a year and 1/2 ago had a break through bleed after 3 years of normal menopause with no bleeding. The breakthrough happened after a period of very high stress. I had the vaginal ultrasound and a biopsy of the uterus and all was ok. Year later, bleeding went from occasional spotting to heavy. So did D & C with polyp removal. Have hyperplasia but not cancer cells.

I do have a fibroid in there which was left undisturbed. Plan is the take high dose progesterone for 6 months go off and do another biopsy. The Integrative Medicine do I went to as I preferred the idea of natural progesterone vs synthetic as the gyn prescribed. So the integrative do started with 150mg but after two days of seeming better, bleeding was heavy again. Upped it to 300mg of the natural custom compounded progesterone and bleeding tapered and I felt better, couple days of no bleeding then it has slowly started up again. Still not heavy but kicking in. I will talk to the integrative guy this week about upping to 350 or 400mg and maybe increasing thyroid meds as he said I was sluggish and am already taking levothyroxine (that ongoing since I was 45).

So what I wanted to know is will the therapy at the right dose stop the bleeding flat? Then how long being on the high dose before I can get off it without my uterus bleeding again? Is this treatment successful? I do not really want to have a hysterectomy but fear the bleeding won't ever stop without progesterone. I have been a little bit miserable because I seem to get feelings of nausea with this. Although, I think my body might get used to it if I can settle on the perfect does for the therapy.

I feel a bit lost on this since I feel poorly so many days but want to hang in if this is a successful therapy for most. I did have three years where all seemed normal, can I get that balance back?

Thanks for listening, I just didn't want to spend some difficult months just postponing the inevitable. I want it to work.

Sep 18, 2013
High Dose Natural Progesterone to stop post menopausal bleeding-is this a successful therapy
by: Wray

Hi Judy I have answered you on another page here. I think this page is the one you couldn't find. You didn't mention Fibroids or that you were taking thyroxine on your other page, both of which indicate your vitamin D is too low. Please have a test done. Take care Wray

Jun 14, 2014
progesterone makes period worst
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have tried taking progesterone pills recommended by two different doctors at different dosage and progesterone always made me bleed much heavier. Even when I increase dosage or decrease dosage it still made me bleed. I was told to stay on them for months so my body can adjust. I was on progesterone pills for 5 months straight and till bled worst on my period. I was loosing about two pints of blood each month. I stop the synthetic progesterone and went to an all natural vitex which is chaseberry. The recommended dosage was 300-400 daily. I continue to bleed . I increase dosage to 600 daily and was still bleeding bad. I up the dosage again to 900 per day and I still continue to experience super heavy periods. I was taking chaseberry for about 8 months. I had started with the lowest dosage 300 for about 2-3 month and didn't see improvement. I increase dosage after 2 months to about 600 for another two month. Again I increase it to about 900 for three months and still was bleeding very bad. I was told by the health food store that I was taking one of their best brand of chaseberry now brand. I've also tried vitalzyme for one month and had to stop because I was loosing too much blood. I am now taking Dim and that too seems to make me bleed too much. I was diagnose with fibroids but do not want surgery and I do not know what is going on with my body. Even when I take iron pills on my period it also makes me bleed a lot.

Aug 27, 2014
Started Progesterone
by: Lisa

Last period started July 9th. I bled for 18 days. I am already taking Iron 65mg twice daily. Just started Progesterone pills for 2-3 months. If successful I will most likely have a Myriad IUD put in. I don't need birth control and am not crazy about the idea, but my Dr. said it would put the hormone right into my uterus which is where the problem is. Eliminating the oral pill, reduces the risks and side effects too. I am ready for surgery, but might try the IUD. If I don't like it, I can have it removed.

Aug 28, 2014
Started Progesterone
by: Joy

Hi Lisa

Please think carefully about having the Myriad, also called Mirena IUD fitted as it will create more problems for you. So many people are fooled into believing that it contains progesterone, it doesn't, it contains progestin which is synthetic. Please read up on the side effects on the Contraceptives page. Any form of oral progesterone is not the best delivery method either as 96% gets destroyed by the gut and liver - see here. You need to use a progesterone cream which has the correct progesterone concentration. It does take time and all depends on how severe your symptoms are. Please read Estrogen Dominance and How to use Progesterone Cream.

This heavy/continuous bleeding protocol has helped many woman suffering from the same thing, perhaps you would like to try it.

*Natpro Progesterone Cream - 400mg to 500mg/per day * N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - 2000mg/per day * Taurine - 2000mg/per day * Vitamin D - 5000iu's/per day more if vitamin D level is low * Bioflavanoids - 1000mg/per day

Hope this helps.

Sep 19, 2014
the woes of life over 40
by: Arianna

Hi, i am 41 and have been having irregular periods for a while now and have tried various treatments with no to moderate success. I usually start my periods with a week of spotting and blood stained mucus and then a week of bleeding followed by another week of spotting and blood stained mucus. My doctor put me on bio-identical progesterone - 100mg once a day for 14 days. The problem is that this has caused the spotting and blood stained mucus to turn into excessive bleeding overnight, where i am passing huge cloths and having to change my pads every 1.5 hours. My lower abdomen feels tender and bloated - which was never the case before.Is this normal? How long can I expect this to last. This is very distressing and help you can render will be appreciated. Regards, Arianna

Oct 20, 2014
Progesterone for thick lining
by: Barb

I recently had an ultrsound and biopsy and they found a fibroid and the Dr said my lining was a little too thick. I am 54 and have been in Menopause for 2-3 yrs but had a few instances of spotting which is why we did the exam. The biopsy came back fine but she put me on progesterone for 14 days to thin the lining. The 14 days ended 2 days ago and I've been bleeding ever since. I kind of expected some but wondered how long this will last. It's also come with cramping - how fun for me! Thought I was done with this! Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

Nov 01, 2014
Peri-menopause on progesterone
by: Cynthia

I'm 49 & have been in peri-menopause since I was 43. I started bio identical hormone therapy 4 years ago to include progesterone, testosterone, DHEA & estrogen. Since being on these hormones I've gained 30 pounds, so I went off everything for 2 months and had my levels checked again & was told I'm estrogen dominant so not sure WHY my doc even put me on estrogen! I'm now on just progesterone and testosterone, which I started 2 weeks ago and now I'm having either a heavy period or heavy bleeding with severe cramps; but haven't had a period or any bleeding in 2 years!! So now I'm wondering why this is happening...any help, advice, answers would be much appreciated!!!

Apr 10, 2015
Started Progesterone and bleeding
by: Kim

Hi...I'm 47, always got my period each month every 28 days..I went to a Wellness Dr. and had my bloodwork done and my progesterone was very low, which made me Estrogen dominant. He gave me 225 mg of SR Progesterone capsules to take each night. After a few days I started having a period, light but really just during the day, in the evening it would stop. After about 2 weeks of thinking that maybe this is just an adjustment period. I called the Dr. to make sure this was normal and he adjusted my dosage to 100 mgs per that I've done that, I feel like I have a full blown period. Is this normal? and will they stop once my body gets used to the loser dose?

Dec 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been using progesterone that's what my Dr prescribed and he told me that the irregular bleeding will stop within 30 days I have finished drinking the pills but I am still bleeding

Feb 06, 2017
BHRT causing mini-period post menopause
by: Patricia

I started BHRT pellets last April and, after being menopausal for 10 years, am once again having a "mini-period" every 3-4 weeks. They've tried upping my progesterone (they insist on capsules) and last time totally eliminated the estrogen and halved the progesterone dosage, but I'm still having a cycle. I really think I do better on progesterone cream. I'd love to stop bleeding!

Mar 28, 2017
excessive bleeding
by: Anonymous

I missed a period one month and the next month I started my period but has not stopped for over 3 months, now my dr is prescribing provera, high dose, but warns about blood clots. I'm not sure if that's the best course of treatment.

Mar 29, 2017
Longer Period after Progesterone Cream
by: Mimi

I had luteal phase spotting, had blood and saliva testing done and found my progesterone to be slightly low and my ratio of estrogen to progesterone to be high (estrogen dominance). A naturopathic Dr prescribed progesterone cream, 12.5mg used daily (not cycled). I've been on it for about 45 days now. I had one typical cycle (still had spotting, normal period). Then this cycle I had 5 days of spotting and have been bleeding for 9 days with lots of clotting, and my breasts have been very sore and larger. My naturo said the progesterone wouldn't have made me bleed more, and asked if I could have possibly been pregnant and be experiencing a miscarriage. I do not believe I was. Is this bleeding normal when first starting progesterone for my issue? Is it because i'm not cycling? Or is it because the progesterone cream "woke up" all my hormone receptors and everything is just going to take time to regulate?

Mar 31, 2017
Excessive bleeding
by: Joy

Please read this thread as it has answers to your questions. Please read the side effects on Provera mentioned on the Contraceptive page. I do not recommend it at all. The correct use of progesterone will help you. You may even be in Peri-Menopause, please read that page too.

Aug 04, 2017
by: Rose


I was placed on progesterone 200mg for 10 days. I have a period every 21-25 days. I took the 200mg after I ovulated for 10 days. I had a period that lasted for 5 days. It was lighter than usual.

Then I started spotting brown with breast pain 3 days after my period with that then transitioning to spotting and then a full blown period a week after my other period.

Thoughts on when the bleeding will stop and what I should do to get it to stop and what's going on?

Aug 05, 2017
by: Joy

Hi Rose

When you say that you took progesterone, that to me implies that you are taking oral progesterone. Is that correct or are you actually using 200mg of Natpro progesterone cream? Any form of oral progesterone is not the best delivery method as 96% gets destroyed by the cut and liver.

It should be used every day for 2-6 months or until you feel stable and your cycle has reverted back to normal, then and only then can the cream be used by following the cycle. Your bleeding will not stop until progesterone has become the dominant hormone and your body has adjusted.

What is your Vitamin D3 level, a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. Co-factors are needed.

Please read these pages and the references.

How to use Progesterone Cream -

Estrogen Dominance -

Vitamin D3 -

Magnesium -

Delivery Methods -

Mar 11, 2018
by: Anonymous


I have been bleeding since January. I know for certain that I was not using enough progesterone. After trying different forms, I finally just received (last week) a compounding pharmacy formulation that dissolved in the vagina.

At first I thought the bleeding was letting up a little. This weekend it seems to be very heavy again. I'm tired of this and more than a little concerned.

I just started taking 50,000 Vitamin D (once a week dosing), but have not added the NAC or Taurine or the additional supplements mentioned in this thread/on this site.

The vaginal progesterone that I am using is 400 mgs nightly.

I am wondering what I can plan on as far as the bleeding stopping. Is there a general rule that we might be able to to look for, as to how long to use the high does progesterone and supplements?

I leave for Ireland mid- May. I need to make sure I am not having this issue while traveling.

Any thoughts/ insights would be much appreciated.


Mar 12, 2018
Excessive bleeding and progesterone
by: Joy

Hi Jeannie

I am certain that I replied to your comment on another post that you made - see

Take care.

Mar 26, 2018
help me please
by: Anonymous

My body has never done this before, I came on feb 12, and by the 16 I was off but the thing was I bled a little the first day, 2nd day a little spotting, 3rd day I spotted with maybe 3 blood clots, 4th day hardly anything, 5th day nothing. I usually stay on 5 days or 6, now, today my stomach feels bad, it's not hurting but I feel like I have to vomit almost every day. I have taken two pregency test which show negative.

What can it be? and also I had a tube tied for about 16 years.

Mar 26, 2018
Help me please
by: Joy

You don't state your age or if you are using progesterone cream, if you are how much? You could be in Peri-Menopause when the monthly cycle can become very irregular. If you are not using progesterone, please consider using it. Between 100-200mg is needed.

Tubal Ligation (tubes tied) can cause problems for some women too.

Perhaps if you read these pages they will help you.

How to use Progesterone Cream -

Estrogen Dominance -

Menstruation Cycle -

Peri-Menopause -

Tubal Ligation -

Aug 06, 2018
Bleeding heavily on progesterone cream
by: Chelsea

I just started progesterone cream cycle day 14, it is now day 17. I first used 40mg a day, but today I used 80 mg. I have had blood work the past couple of months showing high estrogen and low progesterone.

I started bleeding the first night that I used the cream and have not stopped bleeding. Should I stop the cream and, if so, for how long? Or keep going until day 28? I'm 30 years old and am trying to conceive. What is happening?

Aug 08, 2018
Bleeding heavily on progesterone cream
by: Joy

Hi Chelsea

You are not using enough progesterone, between 100-200mg is needed. Progesterone therapy does take time, usually 2-6 months please read How to use Progesterone Cream for more information. You might also like to read the Estrogen Dominance and Pregnancy pages.

Should the heavy bleeding continue you might like to try the heavy/continual bleeding protocol mentioned

Vitamin D3 is very important as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, optimal range is between 70-100ng/mL. Nothing less than 5,000iu's is needed daily. Co-factors are needed when taking D3, magnesium and vitamin K2 with no soy are the important ones.

Dec 28, 2018
bleeding in the middle of nowhere
by: Anonymous

I have PCOS, no period for over a year, then I have surgery for my infected esophagus and find out my liver is failing. I start bleeding in October and it doesn´t want to stop. It´s not really heavy just annoying. So I tell my GP who starts a progesterone pill pack in December. I am still bleeding then half way through it stops then it starts again about three days before I am supposed to get the period. This point I am flooding and gushing, crashing my haemoglobin and getting dehydrated. I Know how to handle it I start upping the red meat and drinking powerade but my haemoglobin is still crashing. The local ER refuses to do hysterectomy. I have a vascular disease and I am overweight. They put me on progesterone which makes me Cra crazy. I hate it. It increases my heart and gives me the bad kind of energy because with my other conditions I can´t do anything with this extra energy. Like 10 cups of coffee kind of pounding. I try seeing an OB here and the same run around but she wants me to take it twice a day instead of the once a day I am taking it. I think she is nuts and I tell my GP about all of it. The thing is I have an appointment in a city four hours from here where I get most of my care; but they refuse to up the appointment date because I am not an emergent case.

I can´t go anywhere my son is missing his weekly therapy, I am waking up leaking through an adult diaper, and my hemaglobin is tanking despite all of the extra meat but since it´s still in the normal range then it´s fine and I am fine. I say I am not fine my hemaglobin has been high for months prior to this and my blood pressure has been high since 2015; so showing up with normal or good pressure means that it is low. I have never felt more sick in my life and these jerks refuse to help me. Plus I am supposed to be having brain surgery within a few weeks for a cyst. I know I am not supposed to have high hormones or it increases my chances of stroke. They are ignoring all of these risks even though I pointed them out to them. What is wrong with them? Are they trying to kill me?

Nov 18, 2023
Heavy HEAVY bleeding & clots
by: Anonymous

I am using Ona’s high dose progesterone 200mg a pump sometimes several times a day and my bleeding is outrageous. I’ve always had extremely heavy periods with clots but adding the progesterone has increased the bleed with no pause (on week 2 1/2 now). Do I increase the progesterone?

I’m wearing depends "night protection" underwear!

Nov 19, 2023
Heavy Heavy Bleeding and Clots
by: Joy

Hi Anonymous

I need a little more information please.  When you say that you are using 200mg progesterone several times a day, how much are you actually using?  How long have you been on such a high dose at 200mg per pump?    You haven't given your age but what you are describing indicates to me that you are in Peri-Menopause which starts art around 35. Have you discussed this with the makers of Ona's?

Information on this site is based on Natpro progesterone cream which is a 3% cream.  Each full pump delivers 50mg.  Between 400-500mg per day is needed until the situation improves.  We have a protocol for this which is most successful already mentioned on this thread, it may help you but I do feel you need to discuss this with Ona's.

400-500mg Natpro Progesterone Cream per day
2000mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) per day
2000mg Taurine per day
5000iu's Vitamin D3 per day
1000mg Bioflavanoids or Vitamin C per day

What is your Vitamin D3 level?  A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.  It is vital that your level is optimal. 

Best of luck. It is no joke when one bleeds with clots excessively. It's important that you get this under control and the correct use of progesterone etc will help you.

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