Excess Progesterone vs Estrogen dominance

by Brenda W

I have an observation more than a question. I notice
the responses here always insist that the individual writing is experiencing estrogen dominance. The response always appears to be same, regardless of how much progesterone someone is taking, to increase the progesterone. Even when individuals report taking very high doses of Progesterone and are complaining of awful side effects, the response remains the same, increase your dose, you need more to counteract the estrogen dominance.

Is it possible that someone could have an excess of Progesterone and that IS what is causing the problem?

Are you saying everyone can tolerate high doses of Progesterone?

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Nov 28, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi Brenda, I was on 400mg daily and I was getting so many headaches, so I'm now using just 20mg in the morning and 20mg an hour before bed, and I sleep better and have no more headaches.

Nov 28, 2017
by: Anonymous

I've made the same observation and I'm curious about the answer. I do believe some women can experience progesterone dominance. I've found some articles about the subject on the internet and for example; according to David Sava (ZRT lab) too much progesterone can cause some of the same symptoms as low estrogen. Every women is different and every women may respond differently to progesterone, estrogen and to xeno-estrogens also. I feel, after reading tons of research on hormones, that we just scratched the surface on how hormones work and how they effect our mind and body.

Nov 28, 2017
Excess progesterone...
by: Rachel

Yes, my progesterone to estrogen ratio was 1158:1! I felt disgusting and mentally ill. I think Natpro is a wonderful product but you need to get your tests done before you start slapping it on with wild abandon. Dr Lam talks about progesterone dominance if you want to google.
Simple answer is get your hormones checked.

Nov 29, 2017
Excess progesterone...
by: Rachel

Yes, progesterone dominance looks a lot like oestrogen dominance.
Get a blood test done before you commence, or saliva, or urine.
I used Natpro for two years and I became progesterone dominant. It is a wonderful product though, so please be assured, if you need progesterone, Natpro is by far the best stuff I found. Good luck with your health! It's a complex jigsaw. Also look at cortisol, adrenal insufficiency etc. Cortisol really affects hormones.

Nov 30, 2017
Excess Progesterone vs Estrogen Dominance
by: Joy

There are so many estrogen mimics in our environment today which are affecting all of us. In order to balance our hormones progesterone is needed with the aim of making it the dominant hormone. For many this can be a difficult time especially when too little progesterone is used. All successful studies show that using too little merely aggravates our estrogen receptors. Advice is always given to never used less than 100mg per day, many require much more than that in order for progesterone to become dominant and to achieve balance.

Those using high amounts of progesterone are advised to reduce slowly to a level that suits them once they feel stable enough and all symptoms have cleared. We are all different, what suits one, may not necessarily suit another. Experimenting on use is also advised, it is the only way to see what suits the individual. One could also slowly wean off progesterone and stop using it altogether and see how one feels.

Dec 01, 2017
by: Alicia

If I understand correctly, and please correct me If I'm wrong, xeno-estrogens, like phyto-estrogens, can act both estrogenic or anti-estrogenic. And can estrogen dominance also be caused by lack of testosterone? Many women on BCP struggle with depression, lack of libido and motivation. BCP's increase SHBG which binds to testosterone (and to lesser extend to estradiol). Progesterone also increases SHBG. Etc, etc.. What I'm trying to say is that it maybe not as straightforward as is seems?

Apr 01, 2018
by: Anonymous

I think this site really needs to be much more careful with it's advice. I thought I was estrogen dominant as I use estrodial gel 4 pumps a day, a pea sized amount of testosterone and Noriday BCP (2 tabs). I came off the BCP to use progesterone cream.

I started low but nothing happened so I increased the dose and was rubbing it in like a moisturiser. I experienced severe anxiety, aggitation and depression with suicidal thoughts.You cannot play with this stuff! Or any hormones. Experimenting with the dose without proper experienced guidelines could cost lives, It can make you impulsive which is very dangerous.

I believe I am at menopause or postmenopausal and feeling really desperate to get well. I know the site is well intended.:)

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