EU distributors?

by Cecilia

Hello! I'm in Sweden and would like to order NatPro as soon as possible. Do you have any distributors in the EU? (Parcels delivered from outside the EU – including the UK since Brexit – are currently being held at customs for two months, therefore ordering from outside the EU isn't an option for me at the moment).

Thanks in advance, Cecilia.

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Jul 09, 2021
EU distributors
by: Justine

Hello Cecilia,

Thanks for writing in, yes Covid has really put a spanner in the postal network the world over!

There is a lady in Norway who sells Natpro her name is Anita Sweeney and her email address is, perhaps this avenue would work for you?

I hope this helps!

Warm wishes,

Jul 09, 2021
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much, Justine.

All the best,

Jul 24, 2021
EU suppliers
by: Carsten Dan


I do not know the Sweden rules, but from Denmark you can purchase progesterone in any EU country as long as you can purchase it without prescription.

While it is not Natpro my wife have had some success with progestogel from France. As it is only 1% you need to adjust amounts accordingly. I have found the following two suppliers that do not limit the amount you can order (long may it last):

Aug 03, 2021
NatPro in Czech Republic
by: Martina

Hi, I have the same issue with getting my creams and I wondered if there is a contact in Czech Republic I could get in touch. I'm also thinking if I could start selling it myself. There is definitely a gap on the market here in Czech. Thank you so much for answering :)

Aug 05, 2021
Natpro supplier in Czech
by: Justine

Hello Martina,

Thank you for writing in. I have mentioned our distributor in Norway further up on this thread. Please contact Anita Sweeny in Norway, via her email address - She should be able to assist you. Please get back to us if you have any problems.

Warm wishes,

Feb 06, 2022
EU Distributors?
by: Marie-Louise

I also live in Sweden so I´m grateful that you asked this question.
Now I´m going to contact Anita in Norway.

Aug 28, 2022
Spain natpro
by: marta

is there any in Spain? really need it too thanks

Aug 29, 2022
Spain natpro
by: Justine

Hello Marta,

We ship to most countries! Please follow this link to the order page:

Warm wishes,

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