Estrogen Dominant?

by Talitha


I was wondering if there was any insight from readers or moderators here. I am 35 and have had PCOS symptoms since puberty. I have no menstrual cycle at all, and my blood work over the years has shown that I'm low in both progesterone and estrogens. Is it possible to not be estrogen dominant, even though I've had consistently low progesterone?

I'm supplementing with both bio-identical estrogen and progesterone right now, but don't want to cause further problems or cancel out the progesterone if I am indeed estrogen dominant. I've looked at the estrogen dominant page on this site and don't really have very many of those symptoms, or if I do, they could be explained by something else. I've always been very steady emotionally, if not even unemotional, and am quite muscular and athletic. This leads me, along with other signs of deficiency, to believe that I might need to supplement with estrogen too. However, upon taking progesterone, I feel that I have an energizing effect (like caffeine) rather than a tranquilizing one which makes me think that now I am definitely estrogen dominant.

I do understand that this is temporary, until I become progesterone dominant... but will supplementing estrogen prevent me from becoming progesterone dominant? Is it possible to supplement both, but use significantly more (up to 400mg) progesterone per day on "pretend" cycle days 15-25, and less on cycle days 1-15 along with the estrogen since I read estrogen should not be taken without progesterone? I know this site isn't about estrogen, but I thought I'd put this out there anyway. I don't really know where else to pose this question, and the books I've read regarding hormone replacement therapy have not shed light on this, though the books did say that I should supplement estrogen along with progesterone in light of the signs of deficiency. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. This PCOS road has been a long and hard one, but I am hopeful for the future.

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