Estrogen dominant

by Stacey
(South Carolina )

Hi wray,
I need your help. I am 31 and went off of yasmin about two years ago and had a hairshed. Went back on as my derm thought i should. Helped for a little but continued thinning. Now I'm off as I'm married and trying to conceive... My doctor just took blood tests and here's some results. TSH: 1.410, T4: 1.17, triiodothyronine, free, serum: 3.1, reverse T3, serum 15.1, estradiol (pg) 210.1, progesterone(ng) 16.6, FsH: 4.2, LH: 1.6, sex hormone binding glob: 179.6, a month earlier my estradiol was lower 96.7. I'm not sure if I'm ovulating, had one period. She did not test me any certain time of the month.
I am taking a b complex, biotin, vitamin d( as that was slightly low) iron, maca. I am scared to try DIM or chaste berry as the chaste berry even had made my hair shed as i am so sensitive and barely have hair left. Should i try progesterone pill or your cream? My hair is rapidly shedding again, weight gain, bigger chest, and all around bigger, and stretch marks ( although i haven't had a baby yet) lol. Also dark age spots all over my face. And it was like instant after stopping my yasmin. I am seriously so mad i ever started the pill with the hair sensitivity but my doctor told me it was safe!
I am so confused as to what to do next but need a change and help fast.
Please let me know your opinion.
Thanks so much!

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