Estrogen Dominant to Estrogen Deficient

Hi Wray,

One year ago at age 55 I had a saliva test done. My estradiol was high - 3.5 pg/mL. I was experiencing all kinds of mostly stressed-related symptoms. Progesterone tested 426 pg/mL, but that was with using 21 mg/ of topical Progesterone. Ratio was 122. Without the Progesterone I was definitely Estrogen Dominant. The Progesterone saved me!

Started taking DIM & Calcium D-Glucarate to clear the pathways to help reduce the high estradiol. Also taking maca root.

One year later I was tested again. I am feeling great, btw! I successfully reduced my estradiol which was my goal, but now it is too low - less than .5 pg/mL. My ratio now is 660 which I think is good, but now I would like to gently raise my estradiol to the optimal range of 1.3 - 1.7 . Since my test, I did notice a few minor hot flashes & one night sweat which I think are symptoms of low estrogen.

So I started taking Black Cohosh once a day & ordered Bi-Estro Cream (80/20 ratio) – 1 mg Estriol/ .25 mg Estradiol. Just not sure if I should use this once a day or every other day taking a 5 day break when I break from my Progesterone Cream?

Thanks for any advice...


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Oct 15, 2015
Estrogen Dominant to Estrogen Deficient
by: Wray

Hi Diane I can't really advise you on the oestrogen, I've never been in favour of using it. If you're feeling fine, why not leave well alone? Black cohosh has oestrogenic properties. As you are now in Menopause there's no need for you to take a break with the progesterone. Please see our page on Hot Flushes too. Take care Wray

Oct 17, 2015
Optimal Rage
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply Wray!

I obviously stopped taking the Calcium D-Glucarate now that my estrogen has cleared. I am still taking DIM daily. During the time I was taking it I was avoiding all estrogentic foods & supplements.

Now I will try to add them to help gently raise my estradiol level. I think I would like to see it in the more optimal range (1.3 - 1.7) to reap the benefits of the estrogen as it protective against heart disease & osteoporosis.

Of course, I am still continuing my Progesterone. Just thought the short break was needed to avoid accumulation in fat cells & help the receptors to be more responsive - like with down regulation. Just not sure?

I may try the bi-estro cream every other day for a couple of months, then get retested to see where I stand...

Thanks Again!

Oct 28, 2015
Optimal Range
by: Anonymous

Oops! I meant "Optimal Range".

Wouldn't one feel there best if there E2 was in the optimal range of 1.3 - 1.7 as opposed to being too low like mine? I went from 3.5 (way too high) to < 0.5 (way to low).

I think I am striving for (Optimal E2 with an optimal P/E Ratio).

I know the importance of the Progesterone Cream & will be using this for a very long time, if not forever!

Just not sure if I should continue with a half dose of Calcium D-Glucarate to keep the Estrogen in check or will it wipe it out completely again?


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