Estrogen dominance after depo provera?

by Lori

I have been on the depo provera contraceptive injection for over 8 years and my gp has refused to give it to me anymore due to the bone density loss issue which I was unaware of until recently. I went on the depo shot due to horrendous back pain before, during and after my periods. The depo stopped my periods completely and I have not had one since 2007 and it stopped the back pain getting out of control, I am now 47 nearly. However, since the depo ran out I have had tremendous chronic back pain again and I feel like my spine is collapsing. It is now almost 6 weeks since the injection would have been due and my back is not improving. I have had back problems since our son was born after an epidural was put in the wrong place and damaged one of my discs, I've had a spinal fusion and I have nerve damage. I am sure it can't be a coincidence that as soon as I stop having the depo that my chronic pain which was manageable should come back on again like this. I have now been prescribed cerazette and I have ordered some progesterone cream which I am hoping may help in some way. Do you think this could be caused by estrogen dominance in my hormones now?

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