Estogen dominance.

by Pam Beauchamp
(Big Spring, Texas)

Finally got started with the NatPro. I get it with the symptoms of estrogen dominance. The only reason I take estrogen is for vaginal atrophy, which is a bad case. I have started on 200ml. daily with the NatPro. I did feel some of the estrogen dominance, but they subsided. The only thing I see as a negative is the vaginal atrophy rapidly beginning. Can you put Natpro in the vagina to stop the atrophy. If you can, how much should you use down there? Will it really get rid of the vaginal atrophy?

Thanks in order if you can help with this issue.

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Aug 28, 2015
Estrogen Dominance
by: Joy

Hi Pam

I have already addressed this with you. It is very confusing when one posts all over the place.

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