by Becky

I have JME (epilepsy) I was free of seizures from ages 27-37. They have hit hard since my 3rd child at 38. I am on Lamictal. I am fine 75% of the month. I am a runner and exerciser. Sometimes if I overdo it (tireness) or some stress puts me into seizure like states. Most often now, when I am within days of ovulation or menstruation, I get some severe symptoms of petit (absence) seizures.

I have tried many AED and Lamical is the only one that got me back to working out and feeling good "most" of the time. I have just started trying a 2% biodentical micronized natural progestrone cream. I am using it once a day. It has been about 2 weeks now. I am feeling a little bloated but am sleeping well though tired and lastly had a day of petit seizures 3 days prior to menustration.

When can I expect this to start working? Shall I try the prescription from OB? I can get one but don't have it now. Is the prescript one actual natural progestrone, better? Why might yours help versus the 2% one that I am taking now (Bioentopic)?

I just had to quit a job due to my problems so I need some help. I am 46 (actually 47 on Saturday) and perimenopausal. Will this cream stop my periods all together? I don't mind the bleeding, I just don't want to have the hormone instabilities.

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Feb 24, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Becky. Progesterone does drop after giving birth, which could explain why they hit harder after your 3rd child, as you were older then. Stress drops progesterone levels sharply. The timing of your symptoms fit the cycle. Oestrogen rises just before ovulation, but progesterone is very low. Prior to your period progesterone and oestrogen drop, but if the progesterone is not sufficiently high, adverse symptoms occur. Seizures which occur prior to menstruation are called catamenial, and they do respond to progesterone therapy. I have looked at the Bioentopic site but can find no information on ingredients. You say it's a 2% cream, so the chief difference is that Natpro is 3.3%. You don't say how much you're using, but it seems not enough if you had seizures 3 days prior to menstruation. Please see these papers...
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4

The dose used is quite high, in one study 4-8mg/kg was used, which amounts to 200-400mg for a 50kg person. Another study was much higher, using 50-200mg/kg, which amounts to 2500-10000mg for a 50kg person. I would suggest you go for somewhere between 100-200mg initially, but if you do increase it please read this web page first. Take care, Wray

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