by liliane
(South Africa)

I am a 38 year old female. I have been struggling with endometriosis since my twenties and have had a few laparoscopies to remove my endometriosis, which keeps coming back. This resulted in me being infertile. My last laparoscopy was in Oct'2009 and the doctors discovered that I have endometriosis on my rectum which will be removed next week (19 Jan) by means of a partial rectum resection (will be done through laparoscopy).

I have recently started with natural progesterone cream (only one month) and do not know if I must carry on with the cream during my recovery period after the operation. I will remain 5 days in hospital and the recovering period is 4 - 6 weeks. Can I still carry on with the progesterone cream while being on antibiotics and painkillers? Please advise as I have no idea what to do. Many thanks

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Jan 19, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Liliane. Endometriosis is one of the hardest to solve, progesterone does help the pain in some women, not all. Normally about 200mg/day is needed, sometimes more if it's severe. Recent research has found endo is caused by oxidative stress, so huge amounts of antioxidants are needed, in particular the amino acid cysteine, please see this paper.
And this

It's essential to reverse this, and one of the best means is by taking N-acetyl cysteine, about 5000mg/day. It's best to work up gradually, as slight nausea can occur if too big a dose is taken initailly. I take at least 2000mg/day to prevent any illness occurring, it's a remarkable amino acid.

Curcumin is another antioxidant which has had some success,
see this.

Cysteine is the rate limiting factor in the cell manufacture of glutathione, probably the most important antioxidant we make. The other two aminos needed to make glutathione are glycine and glutamine. These are normally abundant in our diet, but when under stress not enough glutamine can be converted, so it?s best to take it too, up to 8000mg/day.

If possible please have a GSH:GSSG test done, this shows whether sufficient glutathione is being made. If not please take the three precursor amino acids: N-acetyl cysteine, glutamine and glycine, in particular cysteine.

Have a vitamin D test done. There is now a pandemic of vitamin D deficiency, over 50% of us have too low a level. It all started when we were told to stay out of the sun and use sunscreens! It?s best to take a min of 5000IU?s/day, if a severe deficiency is found 10000IU?s are needed. Please see this website.

Progesterone does not react with any drug, so it's safe to use whilst recovering. Please see this web page on endo. Take care, Wray

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