Endometrial cancer, megace or prometrium to thin lining and kill cancer cells

Hi Folks,
I really need some help. I have been diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer, early stage thankfully.
My doctor has prescribed Megace, a synthetic progestin, and there are research and studies showing it will kill cancer cells. The side effects are vast because it is a synthetic. If it will kill the cancer, I'll take it for 3 months.
I'm wondering if Prometrium, bioidenticle Progesterone, dosed at 400mg twice a day, taken vaginally would be just as effective at killing cancer and thinning the lining?
Why is there not research on bioidenticle progesterone and endometrial cancer?
I started on Napro a few days ago. I'm dosing at 400mg twice a day.
Does anyone have any experience with endometrial cancer and what has been effective?
Progestin Megace or Prometrium?
I want the cancer to be gone and I prefer no hysterectomy.
Thank you so much. This site is amazing and such wonderful people here.

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Mar 22, 2022
Endometrial cancer, megace or prometrium to thin lining and kill cancer cells
by: Justine

Hello, we are so sorry to hear of your diagnosis love.

Before you take the Megace please inform yourself thoroughly.
I will share some links to pages and papers for you to read and do your own research.

Once you have done this then I would advise you to speak to your doctor about using natural bio-identical progesterone instead of Megace.

Ultimately it is your decision how to face this situation and which path to take, not your doctors, but you need to inform yourself first so that you can ask and pose the right questions and not be herded into a solution.
Do what you feel is best for you and your health.

FAQ Cancer

Cancer reference papers

Natural cancer supplements

Environmental toxins



Progesterone misconceptions

Effects of progesterone

Progesterone in HRT
This last paper is a brilliant reference for understanding the difference between progestins and progesterone.

Wishing you all the best on this journey to health.

Apr 20, 2022
EC update
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much Wray.
I took the megace and it resulted in elevated blood sugar despite weight loss, waist size up 3 inches.
I had the Mirena iud inserted 3 weeks ago.
I'm taking 1000 to 1200 mg Prometrium vaginally and 200mg Natpro.
I know the iud is not good for the body. I'm only using it because of the research stating it can cause Endometrial cancer to regress.
Mine is over 50% in the myometrium unfortunately.
Do you think the is harmful for the cancer? Or do you think in this circumstance the Mirena is best?
Am I on the right track with progesterone dosing?
I do not want a hysterectomy.
I had a sonogram recently and all is stable. Endo thickness remaining at 33cm for 1 month.
Thank you so much for your help.

Apr 22, 2022
EC Update
by: Joy

​Sadly Wray is no longer with us, I wish she was. Please take note of the information that she has given here.

I see that Justine has covered Megace so no need for me to go into that. I do hope that you did some research on the Mirena. Please read up on it, take note about cancer. To my mind the product should be taken off the market. If anything the risk of cancer is far greater. ​More info on the Mirena which contains Levonorgestrel, not good see here, here and here.​

I am baffled. Why are you using so much progesterone and why Prometrium and Natpro? Is this to help with Cancer? Mirena is definitely harmful with regards to cancer, not natural progesterone. The Mirena contains progestin, so it will be fighting with the natural progesterone that you are taking, a bit pointless actually. It will also cause​ estrogen dominance which you certainly do not want.

Endometriosis is caused by oxidative stress, you need to address the Inflammation that you are currently experiencing. Eating fermented veg helps a lot with inflammation. The correct use of progesterone can take anything from 2-6 months before one notices it's benefits, longer if symptoms are severe. ​​

Jul 13, 2022
Following up
by: Anonymous

Thank you Joy. I'm so sorry and sad to hear of Wray passing. Thank you for your help.
I know the Mirena is not good. I am desperate to heal from endometrial cancer without hysterectomy.
Do you think prometrium and natpro is enough to provide healing from EC? My estrogen is less than 5 due to taking natural estrogen blockers.
I had a 3 month MRI and there is no spread and the tumor shrunk a little. It's now 6cm and endo lining went from 31mm to 38mm.
So the lining increased and I don't know why.
I was on megace and now have to stop it due to adrenal insufficiency.
So I'm thinking about taking out the Mirena since the lining did not decrease.
I'm looking into immunotherapy as next option.
How much progesterone do you think is needed for EC? 800mg?
Do you have any success stories for EC and no surgery?
Thank you for your help.

Jul 18, 2022
Following up
by: Joy

Progesterone can only benefit you. I am pleased to hear that the tumour has shrunk. If progesterone is used correctly it will help you greatly. My suggestion, get that horrible Mirena removed immediately.

I can't say how much progesterone you will need, this is something that you will have to experiment with as we are all different. Have you read the Cancer page? It's mentioned on this thread.

Jul 24, 2022
Following up megace and prometrium
by: Anonymous

Hi Joy,
Thank you so much your help and feedback. I'm officially off of Megace.
I will be getting the IUD out but I don't know how or when. It's been a problem since day 1 as the strings have not been visible. I have a feeling it will need to be removed via ultrasound. I don't want any risk of spread upon removal. The doctors are 100% hysterectomy so I don't even know who will remove it.
So far off of megace, I'm taking 400 mg prometrium every 12 hours. I'm bleeding and cramping like a period. I haven't been able to have a period for 3 months due to megace and iud. The prometrium will tamp the bleeding for a couple of hours but not long.
I'm applying 200mg Natpro every 12 hours.
What do you think of this combination? Can I go higher on anything?
Progesterone should stop the bleeding right? So if it's not stopping, maybe I should go higher? I just don't want to take too much and it might turn into estrogen?
I'm grateful for your help. Thank you.

Jul 26, 2022
Following up megace and prometrium
by: Joy

​Hi there

I am so pleased that you are feeling confident enough to trust advice given. The sooner you get the Mirena removed the better. It will have to be removed by a doctor. If your current doctor is being difficult, then change your doctor. It is your choice, no theirs!

Your body now needs time to adjust to the progesterone, but do bear in mind that once the Mirena is removed your body will experience side effects as well. Be patient with progesterone, it is not an overnight fix. I would prefer that you stick with Natpro only. Use the prometrium​ that you have, ​once finished, the​n​ switch totally to​ Natpro. I believe that you will get better results. If only using Natpro, use 400mg per day and see how you get on. In the meantime, stick with the routine that you are now using. One can never use too much progesterone, please ignore the progesterone misconceptions about this.

​NOTE: if the concern about cancer is great, then perhaps a hysterectomy is needed.​ Only you can decide what is needed. Did you read the Cancer page and the Emory Papers mentioned?

Love and light to you.

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