Endometial Hyperplasia

by Julia
(Levittown, PA)

I was recently diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia and possible PCOS even though my bloodwork was fairly normal and an ultrasound showed no cysts. I haven't had a period (besides some light spotting occassionally) in well over a year and this has been happening since I was 20 (I'm 31 now) I have almost all of the symptoms of PCOS and last year had cervical dysplasia and had a LEEP procedure to fix.

I went to a new OB/GYN and she did a biopsy said I had the endometrial hyperplasia and put me on Provera 5 mg for the next 6 months. I have been taking it for a month now and it is horrible! I was thirsy all the time, moody and emotional, I gained weight almost immediatly and a bunch of other things. After 2 weeks I couldn't take it anymore and stopped and a few days later got my period which has now still been going on for almost a month. I went back to the doctor and she was mad that I stopped and said I was possible going to get cancer if I didn't keep taking it so I started again but it's so bad. I don't want to go back to this doctor but she is the only GYN that my insurance covers.

I have been looking into the natural cream and I want to try it but I am unsure of the dosage. I read the PCOS page and saw it there but I don't know if I would fall under that category to use that dosage.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Aug 10, 2011
Endometial Hyperplasia
by: Anonymous

I have had problems with a thickening of the lining of the uterus and had polyps too. I, however, am in my 60's. My doctor put me on natural micronized progesterone cream, 100mg per day. I also supplement with one I bought from Dr. Lee's site. I have had no side effects with this, have lost about 12 pounds, feel much better, and my recent ultrasound showed all polyps gone and the uterine lining back to normal. She intends on keeping me on it as my estrogen levels were high and progesterone levels too low. I took provera years ago and had a lot of side effects. Also, did you know that they suspect provera of causing cancer? It is a chemical made progesterone, and nothing like our own. Stay away from the estrogen, even natural, if you are having problems. Hope this helps.

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