Ectopic pregnancy

by Maria C
(San Deigo)

I just found out that I may be having an Ectopic/Tubal pregnancy. I also have read this: "Taking hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone (such as those in birth control pills), can slow the normal movement of the fertilized egg through the tubes and lead to ectopic pregnancy."

Is this true? I have been using the progesterone cream and now that I am faced with a pregnancy that may be a tubal one, I am very concerned.

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Oct 27, 2009
Ectopic pregnancy
by: Wray

Hi Maria. The synthetic progestins as found in BCP's are dangerous, but you say you've been using progesterone cream, this is very different. Progesterone is so vital for pregnancy, no woman would carry a child without it. In fact it's given after IVF to ensure the embryo grows. You might like to see this web page on pregnancy. Take care, Wray

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