Ears ringing since starting progesterone in luteal phase.

by EB

Hi All. After having a miscarriage and being diagnosed with low prigesterone (level on day 21 was a 5), I have been on 200mg suppositories in my luteal phase for the past three months.

The first month was hell as I had extreme estrogen dominance. Horrid insomnia, bruising, sore breasts etc. As the months have progressed I've gotten much better. No bruising, breasts are not tender, sleeping better (although still not great) and my prog level day 21 was a 15.95 with estrogen at 1.9.

One symptom that won't let up though is the ringing in my ears. It's soooo loud and around all cycle- both when I am on and off progesterone. It started after my miscarriage and became worse when I started progesterone. I read online that low estrogen can cause ringing in ears. Is that accurate? Could taking progesterone lower my estrogen?

My main goal is to get pregnant, so I'm concerned I may have now messed up my estrogen. I have continued to ovulate regularly each month.

Please fill me in on why my ears ring so much and what I can do about it. Thanks!

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