Early pregnancy, estrogen dominance symptoms

by Jasmine
(Victoria, Australia )

I have been using progesterone cream for the last two luteal phase cycles (very irregular 50ml doses a day/every second or third days).
The third cycle I went all out and used onas bioidentical progesterone 50ml a day. mid luteal phase I came across this website and bumped it up to 100mls a day, 200 on stressful days. 11DPO I got a positive pregnancy test and have continued on.
However it dries up my cervical mucas, my mouth feels dry, I’m very tired, some new spots have appeared, headaches come and go and I have what seems like allergic conjunctivitis. The dr gave my topical drops for bacterial conjunctivitis. Do you think it could be estrogen symptoms from the larger doses? Am I taking too much?
Any help would be so appreciated.

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Feb 08, 2023
Early pregnancy, estrogen dominance symptoms
by: Joy

Hi Jasmine

Cervical mucus changes throughout the menstrual cycle which it is meant to do. This includes dryness just before ovulation and is needed for fertilization as it allows the sperm to meet an egg at ovulation.

If you are pregnant, this as well as the use of progesterone will cause an imbalance with hormones. Your adverse symptoms indicate clearing that you are dealing with Estrogen Dominance.

Are you taking too much? Well I can only speak for Natpro progesterone cream which is a 3% cream. If using a higher concentration, then please adjust so that it equates to Natpro. I suggest you contact the makers of the cream that you are using and discuss with them.

I assume you mean 50mg and not 50ml. In which case, using a 3% cream is not enough progesterone. Between 100-200mg is needed. Again, if not 3% then adjust to equate to 3%. I do hope that you are using the cream no less than twice a day, half in the morning and the other half at night. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream and the Pregnancy pages.

Best wishes.

Feb 08, 2023
by: Jasmine

Thank you for your reply Joy.

I apologise. I am using a 5% cream twice a day with two pumps that equates to 50mg of progesterone each pump. That means I’m getting 200mg a day divided into two uses (once in the morning and once at night).

My previous pregnancies my cervical mucas production was a lot higher, though I had a lot of morning sickness, exhaustion etc. i haven’t had these typical pregnancy signs this time so I’m imagining it might be the high levels of progesterone helping but also a bit of estrogen dominance symptoms. I don’t know if these two can occur simultaneously..

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